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Chiropractors for Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive Stress Disorder or Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) relates to injuries caused as a result of incessant motion or repetitive activities. You may have heard it be referred to as ‘tennis elbow,’ ‘runner’s knee’ or other familiar names, all of which relate to a particular type of repetitive activity.

You may even know someone with a condition such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is another form of this condition. This condition can be incredibly frustrating for a number of reasons. Not only is the physical pain incredibly uncomfortable for those who suffer from it, but it also has implications for someone’s future. For example, if you were a concert pianist who developed RSI in your wrist, you might begin to wonder how your career would fare with the condition.

How is a Repetitive Motion Injury Caused?

The repetitive movements that cause repetitive stress disorder start to pull on the ligaments and tendons around the limb that are affecting. The joint capsules that protect our sockets from shock or impact can also become inflamed, which starts to cause pain. This condition is relatively democratic in the sense that it can affect anywhere we have tendons or muscles. This condition is often referred to as ‘upper limb disorder’ as it is often the upper limbs we use for strenuous, repetitive activities (such as writing, musical instruments of sports). The symptoms of tingling, numbness, and pain do tend to appear gradually, but they will get worse if left untreated. Allowing RSI to develop into a full-blown problem is one of the worst approaches you can take.




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How to Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury

If you are worried about developing RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, then one of the most important approaches to take is prevention. Rather than suffering through weeks of numbness and tingling, weakness, and pain, it’s better to take active steps towards preventing it from happening in the first place. The best first approach to take is to take regular breaks. If your job is repetitive by nature then take moments to stretch and rest your hands. If you are worried you will be questioned about taking breaks, then chat to your boss about your condition. Ask if you can get up and take a short break, just to save your wrists, arms, and fingers from becoming stiff and uncomfortable. Getting a doctor’s note may help to labor the point.

When it comes to typing, it’s important to uphold good practice. By using both hands to type, instead of using just one, you will effectively split the workload for your hands. It’s advised that if you use your phone a lot at work, to operate this separately. Separating both activities could be a pain-saving measure to take.

How to manage your pain

Giving your hands plenty of rest is one of the best approaches to take when it comes to RSI. It’s important that you also relax your upper limbs and help to make them feel less stiff and achy. Taking active steps to ease the common symptoms is also a helpful and proactive approach to take. Visiting one of our experienced chiropractors is one example of this. Our chiropractors will advise you of the best way to treat your pain or condition and you decide which chiropractic services you wish to receive, all for only $29. Chiropractic treatment will help soothe the muscles and nerves around your body. This process works by manipulating the bones and tissues around the spine, which acts as the nerve-ending hub for the body. They will take a number of approaches to help restore calm to your aching joints:

  •   Soft tissue: they will massage your back and other limbs to help aid the relaxation of muscles.
  •   Manual movement: this is particularly useful if you are having issues with your joins. This mode of therapy is great if you feel as if some joints are seizing as a result of swelling and pain.
  •   Exercise: this is the aftercare treatment. This is useful for continuing your therapy outside the appointment.

Of course, as well as visiting our expert chiropractors, it’s necessary to take some extra steps to improve your mobility. You may need to chat with your employer about regular breaks and improvements to your work environment to help you cope.

Repetitive Stress Disorder is incredibly common, and yet it is so easily preventable. By improving your work environment and seeking help, you can aid the process of alleviating your symptoms. Remember to be demanding when it comes to your wellbeing, too. Be sure to chat with your employer, or ask for assistance when it comes to managing the condition and preventing it from getting worse.

Investing just $29 to receive chiropractic care at one of our SnapCrack locations will also help you to relax the muscles and joints in the affected area. The addition of extra exercises to do at home will help you to build up strength in your upper limbs. So be sure to walk into your nearest SnapCrack location to get cracking! 

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