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Don’t Want Your Neck Touched? That’s Cool With Us.

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The back is composed of vertebrae, spinal discs, spinal nerve roots, and various back muscles. Due to various reasons, from illness to trauma, these structures can become inflamed or damaged. In order to achieve optimum wellness, all of these parts must work together to keep you going. When they don’t, then it’s time to make an appointment with a Kendall chiropractor.

Chiropractors treat conditions that affect the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Our patients seek out our chiropractors to relieve symptoms of lower back pain, headaches, and neck pain and to achieve overall improved wellness in Miami. If you are suffering from a musculoskeletal concern, then a chiropractor in Kendall can offer you alternative methods of treatment.

The goal of your Kendall chiropractor is to determine the root cause of your aches, such as inflammation, nerve damage, or a disruption of blood flow. Once they have determined the cause, whether it’s stress or a traumatic injury, they can create a wellness plan to help your body heal and fix itself.

Is it good to get adjusted by a chiropractor?

Most of us take our strength and flexibility for granted until something goes wrong. Once we begin to feel pain, we seek out the cause in order to relieve it and prevent its recurrence.

Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in the care and treatment of muscle, joint, or bone pain. Chiropractics are usually used in conjunction with the traditional medical care you may be receiving, or it can be sought on its own. We offer a wide range of chiropractic care services at our Miami office to help each patient achieve relief from neck pain, back pain, and chronic pain relief and improve overall wellness.

When you arrive at SnapCrack in Miami, FL for your chiropractic treatment, we will start by asking you about your personal history and overall wellness. We ask what activities make your life fulfilling or put you at risk, such as playing sports or working in a physically demanding job. If you have been involved in a car accident or other traumatic injury, then your doctor will take note of that. We sometimes also recommend that our patients have other exams or tests completed, such as an X-ray scan or 
MRI, in order to come to the correct diagnosis.

When you receive chiropractic care at SnapCrack in Miami, then most likely you will start by lying face down on a chiropractic table. Your chiropractor will then use their hands to apply controlled force to your joint, which may push it out of its typical range of motion. The patient may hear a popping or cracking sound when they receive their chiropractic treatment.

It’s normal to feel fatigue or soreness in the parts of the body that received chiropractic care and experience headaches after receiving chiropractic services. However, these symptoms will go away on their own after a day or two and are normal.

How much do chiropractic adjustments cost?

The first time and every time that you come to SnapCrack for a chiropractic adjustment only cost $29. It is a cost-effective way to treat pain, improve circulation, increase your range of motion and help you enjoy your life. After your adjustment, you may experience some minor side effects such as fatigue and soreness in the parts of your body that were treated, or you may feel a burst of energy followed by a return to your usual feeling. Everyone has a different reaction to their chiropractic adjustments, and no two appointments are ever the same. But one thing is for sure that all of your appointments after your initial visit with us are only $29.

How can I make a same-day appointment with a Chiropractor in Kendall?

Miami is a city known for its tourism and recreation, which can sometimes lead to common symptoms of injury and strain, such as low back pain. At SnapCrack, we understand that when you are in pain, you need relief from a chiropractor or therapist fast. That is why we are proud of our no-wait policy. When you walk into any of our Miami locations, you can expect to be seen promptly by one of our specialists. There is no need to make an appointment, but they are strongly encouraged.

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There are many intricate structures throughout the body and especially in the spine. There are several sets of nerves that extend from the spine to the arms and the legs that can be pinched, irritated, or inflamed. The ligaments and tendons can also be inflamed by strains from repetitive injuries, work-related activities, or recreation. A car accident can dislocate the discs in the spine, causing damage to the spinal cord. At SnapCrack, we help people in Kendall from all sorts of backgrounds to achieve optimum health and movement, from teenage athletes to patients who have undergone significant surgeries to heal serious medical conditions.

We are located at 7209 SW 57th Ct, South Miami, FL 33143. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. We are closed on Sunday. Contact our office in Kendall, Miami, FL for chronic pain, low back pain, and pain relief after a car accident. For more information, you can call us or email us at

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