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Chiropractic Benefits for Runners

For many runners, injuries are seen as an inevitable fact of life. In fact, injuries seem almost synonymous with the activity of running. Whether it’s impact damage or sprains from unsuspecting rabbit holes, sometimes a light jog can result in some unexpected calamities. Aside from the obvious causes of pain, sometimes just pounding the pavement on a regular basis can lead to general aches and stress on the body. Through no fault of our own, we can find ourselves having to cancel our running plans and take some time off. Many runners, therefore, look to sports chiropractors to ease their ongoing ailments. Our team of chiropractors at SnapCrack will help you through your difficult ordeal of injury and get you back to doing what you love.

Types of runner injury

When you first started running, you may have heard other, more experienced runners warning you of the dangers of running injuries. It is important to be aware of these, as sometimes prevention is key. Taking special notice of the causes can help you to prevent future problems from arising. Here are just a few examples of common problems runners encounter:

  •   Runner’s Knee: This is the tennis elbow of jogging, insofar as everybody associates this injury with the sport itself. It has a proper name, which is Patellofemoral pain syndrome. This condition is caused by the underside of your kneecap becoming irritated. It’s particularly common after long runs, so just be mindful if you are building up your long-distance stamina. If you experience knee pain during or after a run, you may want to consider chiropractic medicine before it becomes a knee injury. Visit an experienced chiropractor for runner’s knee near you at SnapCrack.
  •   Discomfort in your hamstrings: These are the muscles that can be felt when you hold your leg straight and tilt your toe up towards you. They run down the back of your thighs and can start to feel tense and uncomfortable for many runners. The best approach is to stretch them out if you get tense, however know that with this injury you almost can’t win. The most flexible and least bendy runners at both at risk of hamstring tension. For really bad hamstring pulls you may need to ice the area.
  •   Achilles Tendonitis: The Achilles tendon is another major culprit of running injuries. If this strong cable tightens too much you may strain it, or irritate it; which causes this condition. If you are planning on increasing the intensity with which you train, you could be at major risk of this one.




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Differing levels of severity

It’s important to remember that if you start to feel a twinge in your right knee, you are not doomed to a life of short, slow-paced runs. There is a wide spectrum when it comes to the severity of how bad the injury is. For example, having a stress fracture could see you taking plenty of time off to rest – and for good reason.

However, the odd twinge probably won’t see you taking much time off at all. If you find yourself somewhere caught between the two, then this is no problem either. It’s about measuring the severity of the injury and applying an appropriate level of treatment. The important thing is that you do act on it. Not treating your injury could see the problem get even worse, and result in you having to take even more time off to accommodate for the severity of the problem. Walking into your nearest SnapCrack location for a chiropractic adjustment as soon as you feel that something might be wrong with your back or limbs is one example of tackling your injuries.

Managing the pain

Many runners have felt the frustration of having to interrupt a run by returning home. Having to stop your exercise regime because you’re in too much pain can be incredibly demoralizing. Instead, it’s wise to visit a chiropractor for runners to manage this pain, as well as treat it in the long-run. Getting the aches and tension soothed means that you are more likely to enjoy your exercise routine, rather than fear it.

Prevent recurring injuries

When you visit SnapCrack, you will receive plenty of advice on how to prevent future injuries and exercise at home. You will get a tailored plan to build strength and ease the symptoms you are experiencing. Combined with the massage techniques, manipulation and exercises that can be done at home, you can help yourself to prevent the injury from recurring. It will also speed up the process at which you heal from your ailments, meaning less time spent off from the activity you love.

Our chiropractic treatment has multiple benefits for runners. Not only is it helpful for those smaller, more insignificant aches and pains, but also for aiding recovery from more debilitating injuries. Chiropractors for runners aim to tailor their treatment to your needs and your lifestyle, so your desire to get back out and run after an injury will always be at the heart of the treatment. Feeling your tense muscles release with every pop and crack of the treatment can provide an enormous health boost. Knowing that you will be able to exercise pain-free is an enormous relief for any passionate runner. 

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