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Don’t Want Your Neck Touched? That’s Cool With Us.

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Our goal at SnapCrack is to help you live your life to the fullest without pain and to achieve great health. Suppose you suffer from muscle or joint aches, pains, or strains. In that case, a chiropractor can offer you an alternative treatment method than what your primary physician or your surgeon can offer. Chiropractic care is suitable to treat your symptoms and the underlying condition or injury that is causing them. Call now to schedule an appointment with a chiropractic physician at SnapCrack!

Whenever a patient tells us that they are suffering from back pain, neck pain, or other aches in their body, we seek out the underlying cause of the suffering, whether it is inflammation or a blood flow issue. If left untreated, the pain can often get worse and contribute to chronic illness that will affect the patient for the rest of their life. We use chiropractic techniques that improve circulation and range of motion to help people in Miami Lakes achieve long-term optimum health.

How much does an appointment with a chiropractor cost?

The first and every time that you come to SnapCrack to get a chiropractic adjustment, it is only $29. We have a no-wait policy, which means that you can arrive without an appointment and get relief right away.

Can I go to a chiropractor without a referral?

Yes, you can seek out chiropractic care without a referral. In fact, when you call SnapCrack for your chiropractic needs, you may be referred to other specialists within our practice.

Chiropractic care focuses on the muscles, joints, and spine. In order for a person to deliver chiropractic care to patients, they must receive a chiropractic degree and complete hands-on clinical experience.

Other professionals, such as massage therapists and physical therapists, are able to help you if you are suffering from chronic pain or illness or are trying to recover from certain injuries. Massage therapy may be recommended to complement your care if you are suffering from headaches, back pain, and muscle pain throughout your body.

A physical therapist is a doctor who specializes in treating pain and helping people stay moving throughout the rest of their life. Physical therapy may be necessary if you have undergone surgery or have an advanced illness. Physical therapists can prescribe medications but try to focus on healing their patients through exercises and complementary services, such as chiropractic treatment and massage therapy, rather than prescriptions that often have side effects.

Do chiropractors fix you?

Chiropractic works to help patients achieve their health goals after auto accidents, sporting accidents, or other traumatic physical events. Rather than treat a sports injury or pain with invasive surgery or strong medications, licensed Miami Lakes chiropractors use their hands and specialized tools to manipulate joints in the body and back. These manipulations relieve back and neck pain, correct the alignment of the spinal column, heal traumatic injuries and improve overall physical health.

anatomy of the back is fascinating. A complex network of nerves, muscles, tendons, and bones work together to keep you upright, allow you to lift things, or enjoy some of your favorite activities. The structure of your back allows you to use your strength and flexibility to complete daily tasks or do things that give your life meaning.

Large nerves extend from your spine out towards your legs, arms, and hands, but when they become pinched or inflamed, movement becomes very painful. If the discs in your spine shift out of place, it can lead to myriad health issues, limited mobility, and a burning, throbbing or aching sensation in your extremities.

If you suffer from chronic pain due to an illness, injury, or condition, a chiropractic adjustment can offer you relief from pain, headaches, and chronic swelling or inflammation.

Will my chiropractor prescribe medication for pain relief?

Chiropractors do not prescribe medication. In fact, philosophically, they approach healing the body differently than medical doctors. Rather than prescribing medications or invasive surgeries, they use alternative methods and think of other ways to help the body heal itself. Those methods include soft-tissue therapy, chiropractic adjustments, exercises and stretches, Kinesio taping, and referrals to other specialists, such as a massage therapist or acupuncturist.

SnapCrack Is Your Miami Lakes Chiropractic Center

Whether you are looking for a chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, or physical therapy, SnapCrack can offer you same-day service so that you can get back to what matters most to you with less pain, greater range of motion, and improved health. Our chiropractic center is located at 755 E 49th St, Hialeah, FL 33013. We are open for your chiropractic needs Monday through Friday from noon to 8:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We are closed on Sundays. For more information, you can call us or email us at

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