Children with Growing Pains

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Chiropractic Adjustment for Children with Growing Pains

Growing pains continue to be a bit of an enigma for many children and parents. These tense aches behind the knees and down the legs can be incredibly disruptive to sleep, not to mention incredibly uncomfortable. Many children suffering from growing pains report being woken up by them, and yet the evidence suggests that growth in itself doesn’t actually hurt. So what are the causes of this pain? While the answer still isn’t clear, there are still approaches you can take to ease the pain for your child.

What are growing pains?

There is no definite explanation for what these are. It’s guessed that they might be to do with a low pain threshold, or it’s even supposed that they may even be psychological. However, the consensus is clear: these are nothing to do with growing. What we can take away from this, however, is that they are completely benign. This is particularly reassuring as they often affect up to 35% of children before they reach their teenage years, so between the ages of 2 and 12, with most instances affecting girls.

The pain itself doesn’t last for very long at all. In fact, these pains rarely last beyond 30 minutes. However, the intensity and severity of these aches can be enough to disrupt their sleeping and cause some mild distress.

It’s more the association with age which gave these aches the term ‘growing pains.’ In fact, children tend to grow the most between these ages, and so it’s no surprise that the term was coined. The origin of the phrase ‘growing pains’ can be traced back to the 1930s and 40s, where they initially believed these pains were more to do with bones than muscles. We now know that this is more likely to be linked to nerves and muscles, particularly when pain is concerned.




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If not growing – what is the cause?

While the exact causes are largely unknown, there have been some links found regarding the cause of these pains. The pains are usually located in the legs, and that can be anywhere, including the calves, thighs, shins or other muscle groups. They also, for the most part, seem to appear at night, which means that they could be associated with physical activity. Many parents have found a bit of a correlation between fatigue and growing pains. This leads some to believe that exercise may be part of their cause. Others have also found a link between those who have hyper-mobility or flatfeet.

The link between physical activity and growing pains is one that persists as the most likely explanation. Running, jumping and other fun childhood activities are the most likely culprit. In fact, it’s for this reason that some experts even suspect that it might be linked to restless leg syndrome. While exercise is important for development as a child, it does take its toll on their musculoskeletal system. It’s important to let children run around and be free to enjoy themselves, but also be aware of any injuries or pains they may get as a result.

Growing Pains and Chiropractic Treatment

When you consider that these aches and pains may be more to do with exercise and muscles, it makes it far easier to find a solution. Visiting a children’s chiropractor near you could be a great way to relieve muscle tension and help to remove tightness in the body. While chiropractors are often associated with back pain, it’s important to remember that all nerve-endings ultimately stem from the spine. Just because the ache is in the legs doesn’t mean that that’s where it originated. 

Chiropractic Benefits for Children

Starting with the spine can be a great way to trace the source of an ache and sort out wider problems. Our chiropractors are experts in stretching, manipulation and muscle relief, which is perfect for a child that is struggling with muscle aches and shooting pains. It also avoids the use of drugs and painkillers, so you can find a natural way of alleviating aches and pains.

You don’t have to visit your doctor to see a chiropractor for preschool growing pains, either. You can simply walk into your nearest SnapCrack location, easily and hassle-free on our website or by giving us a call. Leaving SnapCrack feeling looser and less achy could be just what your child needs to rid themselves of these annoying, shooting pains down their legs.Our children chiropractors are experienced in the anatomy of a child’s nervous system and can provide gentle chiropractic adjustments to your child with safety and effectiveness. 

If your child is complaining of growing pains, you mustn’t worry about their physical activity. Running, jumping and playing with other children is so important to their physical and social development. Instead, it’s wise to tackle any tension or aches as they arise with the benefits of chiropractic care. Visiting a SnapCrack location near you will help to resolve any growing pains they may have, without having to endure cold compresses, or even resort to painkillers. It’s important to let kids be kids, and seek out our expert help when it’s needed. 

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