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Although many people believe that migraines are just a bad headache, this is simply not true, with headaches being only one symptom of the possible issues that migraines can cause for you and your body.

However, if you are prone to migraines, they do not have to be debilitating, and chiropractic treatment can help you to live a normal life alongside migraines and lessen the pain and disruptiveness that migraines can cause.

Find out more about the possible effects of migraines on the body, how to know if you are a sufferer of migraines, and why you should opt for chiropractic care in your treatment plan below.

What are Migraines?

Although migraines can cause headaches, migraines are usually a more severe type of headache which can leave you unable to partake in other daily activities. Headaches are not typically the only symptom of a migraine, however, and sufferers are likely to experience a range of other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and a high sensitivity to light and sound which can leave you unable to leave the house.

Most people will experience migraines throughout their lives, but some people are more prone to the condition that others and even experience migraines on a regular basis. If this is the case, proper treatment for migraines will be necessary in order to live your daily life and ensure that they do not affect your career or family life.

You can also become more prone to migraines in relation to your menstrual cycle, when experiencing vertigo, and even become a sufferer of chronic migraines if you have them on a regular basis.




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There are a couple of different types of migraines which you can experience, and of which each has different symptoms you need to be aware of to ensure that you seek the correct kind of treatment.

For instance, migraines without auras mean that the headache and other symptoms come without warning or established signs that can indicate when a migraine is about to start.

Conversely, migraines with auras will usually have flashing lights or impaired vision before the migraine which can alert you to the fact that you are about to have a migraine.

However, due to the variant nature of migraines and their symptoms, you can also have a silent migraine, which is when a migraine occurs without a headache as the main symptom of this. You may still experience the damaging effects of the aura or poor vision, for instance, but these can be harder to self-diagnose due to the lack of headache.

How Can a Chiropractor for Migraines Help?

Chiropractic care uses both hands-on manipulation to relieve pressure in the body and joints, and create proper spinal alignment. At SnapCrack, our unique plans are entirely catered towards the individual to ensure that they are able to get the most from their migraine chiropractic adjustments and their individual pain can be relieved as much as possible.

If your spinal cord is not correctly aligned, the nerves in your spinal cord can be affected and can produce migraines or make you more prone to the condition. This is where chiropractic care comes into its own; it can help to re-align your body and release the pressure on your nervous system, preventing the likelihood of migraines. Regular chiropractic care can help if you are prone to misalignments and ensure that migraines do not return on a consistent basis.

Chiropractic care is also apt at helping with migraine relief as its release of muscle tension and pressure on the nervous system promotes natural body healing. This is important for migraines as it can help your body to manage pain to greater success and reduce the intensity of the migraines that you experience. When combined with other lifestyle changes that your local chiropractor may suggest, such as a healthy diet and exercise, the pain that you feel when you have a migraine can be significantly reduced.

Chiropractic care can also help to reduce stress in the body, with techniques such as massage and other similar methods; stress can be one of the triggers of migraines for sufferers, and the ability of chiropractors to reduce this stress is essential in reducing the frequency of the migraines that sufferers may have.

If you are interested in the positive effects of chiropractic care and are looking for a chiropractor for migraines near you, visit the nearest SnapCrack Chiropractic location today. We can provide the chiropractic spinal manipulative therapies you need, all for only $29 the first time and every time! Our doctors of chiropractic will help you reduce your migraine pain and ensure that you experience fewer migraines and their symptoms in the future. This can reduce the need for medication and other treatments that can have potential side effects on your health by promoting the overall wellbeing of your body, combining both hands-on and lifestyle change techniques. 

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