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$29 Chiropractic Care for Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be incredibly debilitating for those who experience it on a regular basis. While the ankle can seem like such an unassuming part of the body, it helps to support our body weight and is instrumental in day-to-day movement. Experiencing short, sharp pains while walking or exercising can be a cause for alarm for many people. Avoiding seeking any treatment, including medical and chiropractic, could cause the condition to get worse, and importantly, leave you feeling uncomfortable and in pain for no good reason.

How chiropractic ankle adjustments can help

Many people associate chiropractic treatment with the movement and manipulation of the spine. While this is certainly a feature of chiropractic massage, this is not the be-all and end-all of it. Our chiropractors can use their techniques to help with the alignment of the bones in your feet, particularly after an ankle sprain or injury.

The same techniques that would be used to soothe and relieve tension and pain in your back can be applied to your ankles, too. The alignment of the bones in your feet might be affected by the injury you have suffered, and so one of our experienced chiropractors can help to readjust this. While medical treatment may be needed for serious injuries and conditions, you can add chiropractic ankle manipulation as part of your rehabilitation and treatment program.




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Different types of ankle joint pain

Your reason for experiencing ankle pain could come down to any number of causes. It could be a temporary ache that passes within a number of days, or it could be symptoms of something much more problematic. Below are a few examples of regular ankle pain conditions:


  •   Achilles tendinitis: this overuse injury is the result of excessive use of the Achilles tendon. This can be found at the base of your leg, connecting your calf muscles to your heel bone. You may have this type of ankle pain from running long distances and intense workouts. It also occurs in middle-aged people who are physically active.


However, the Achilles tendon isn’t always so resilient. This strong cord can indeed be overstretched, causing it to tear (referred to as a rupture.) You might know if you have done this, as an Achilles rupture will be followed by a popping sound and immediate pain. You will need surgery to repair this, and so if you suspect this has happened, it is wise to visit your doctor immediately.


  •   There is, of course, the chance that your pain may be a result of a broken bone. This can be caused by a simple accident or fall. You are likely to know if the cause of your pain is a broken foot as the severity of the injury could be a significant indicator. However, a broken bone could also mean small fractures, which are harder to distinguish. Stress fractures can also occur from repeated impacts. Good indicators are throbbing pain, swelling, and bruising.


  •   A sprained ankle is a frequent cause of those who experience intense foot and ankle pain. It is caused by twisting your ankle badly, perhaps as a result of rolling on it in an uncomfortable fashion. A sprained ankle is not always just a case of a tense and sore ankle, though. It can cause your ligaments to be torn, which requires medical assistance. However, a milder case of this injury might just require rest and over-the-counter treatment. In some cases, ankle sprain chiropractic treatment can help to heal the sprain more quickly and effectively.


  •   Osteoarthritis is a condition that sees the wearing down of your protective bone cartilage, which can be debilitating for many. The symptoms of this include stiffness, pain, limited flexibility and a sensation of grating between your joins. 

Listen to your ankle bone pain

If you are really suffering from ankle pain, be sure to find out the cause of your injury first. Solving the root of the problem can help you to start easing the pain immediately. If you have just injured your foot, or it has started to display symptoms of an injury, be sure to keep it elevated and rested. Don’t apply too much weight to your foot as this may only increase the pain. Applying a cold compress may help with any swelling. Once you have visited your doctor, you can determine how serious the injury is.

Chiropractic adjusting is a great option for anyone who is looking to help with constant pain and tension in their ankle or is trying to rehabilitate themselves after an injury. While painkillers can provide a short-term solution, chiropractors can physically relieve the symptoms that arise from conditions that cause ankle pain.

If you suspect the alignment of the bones in your feet may have been affected from spraining or injuring your foot, there’s no better place to visit than our clinic to ensure that you receive the best treatment from our dedicated and experienced chiropractors, who can apply their manipulation techniques to the foot and ankle area.

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