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$29 Chiropractic Adjustment for Hip Pain

Hip pain affects a large proportion of Americans every year, particularly in the senior community. However, at any age, hip pain can be a hugely frustrating condition to endure, particularly if you enjoy staying active and mobile. Finding methods of soothing and remedying the pain could be invaluable for those who wish to continue their everyday activities and maintain hobbies such as exercise.

A big disruptor to everyday life

Hip pain can range from anything, including the occasional twinge to chronic agony. The ways in which this can profoundly affect our everyday lives should not be underestimated. In fact, many adults in the US who were physically impaired or out of work, state that hip joint pain was the main culprit. When you consider that hip pain could class someone as having a disability, or even put them out of work for the long run, its seriousness is apparent.


Hip pain is certainly a large culprit when it comes to sacroiliac joint pain in particular. It’s worth remembering, too, that this type of agony isn’t just reserved for senior citizens. Anyone from adolescents to those approaching middle age can experience this in their lifetime. It can have a large influence on everyday activities such as trying to get to school, looking after children, or carrying out mundane tasks.


The hips give you fundamental support to your upper body, which is integral to helping you walk, maintain good posture and use your physical strength. If you are suffering from hip pain, visit your nearest SnapCrack for hassle-free chiropractic care for hip pain for only $29!




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Common causes of hip pain

When people refer to hip pain, they are usually referring to the pain affecting the joint. In human anatomy, this usually refers to a ball-and-socket joint, and in this case that comprises of the upper thigh bone and the acetabulum. The upper thigh bone (femur) rests inside the cavity of the acetabulum. However, in and among this are plenty of other tissues, and so it’s not just a case of the joint being out of place or damaged. There is a fluid-sac alongside other connective tissues and ligaments; all of which play a vital role in keeping you moving and comfortable.


In terms of what could be causing your hip pain, this can vary. Inflammation, for example, might be a cause. This doesn’t affect the aforementioned ball-and-socket directly; instead, it causes the surrounding space and tissue to be filled with fluid. While extra fluid in this space might seem like a harmless notion, this can cause a large amount of pain for those suffering from the condition. 


You may be aware, too, that hip pain is often associated with older adults. This is because one common form of hip pain is osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or wear and tear. This condition is incredibly common in people over the age of 50, as it is often the result of cartilage breaking down. The top of the upper thigh bone is covered in this cartilage to keep you comfortable during movement. However, with time, this can break down, causing a painful bone-to-bone sensation. This can then lead to the inflammation problems as mentioned above.


As well as more subtle forms of hip pain, there are the obvious causes of major agony, such as dislocation and fracture. You may even have pain as a result of these happening some time ago. In the case of fracture or dislocation, this requires immediate medical assistance. Any pain that develops in the long-term will need continued treatment and care even once you have healed.

How can a chiropractor help with hip pain?

Chiropractic care can be incredibly useful for those suffering from hip pain. Spinal manipulation, mobilizing limbs, and stretching can all help to alleviate tension and stiffness that can come alongside this condition.


Patients with hip pain can improve their physical health after visiting a chiropractor for hip adjustments. From just 12 weeks of chiropractic treatment for hip pain, patients can enjoy extra mobility in her hip joints. Visiting a chiropractor for hip pain can also help to reduce inflammation by realigning the joints and relieving pressure on the joints and surrounding tissues. If you are experiencing hip joint pain, walk into your nearest SnapCrack location today for the chiropractic medicine your body is begging you for.


Whether you’ve experienced hip pain as the result of a fracture or a long-term condition, it is important to try and alleviate the pain. Don’t rely on painkillers to treat the problem. Instead, find treatments such as chiropractic care at SnapCrack that actually aims to improve your mobility and ease the tension you may be experiencing in your body. 


Combined with long-term medical treatments, chiropractic therapy from our dedicated team at SnapCrack could be a great way to improve the sensation of movement in your hips, as well as help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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