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The Importance of the Facet Joint

The Importance of the Facet Joint

From everyday desk jockeys to professional athletes, the facet joint plays a vital role in our lives. Helping us perform tasks as simple as bending over or even sitting down, its these joints that allow us to lead the lives we live. In medical speak, the Zygapophyseal Joint helps the spines “flex” while limiting overbearing movement.


There is not a moment in time where these joints are not hard at work, and rightfully so. Without them, our movements would be significantly restricted. Similar to our bones, joints too can corrode overtime, and the rate at which they do can vary drastically. This is known as Facet arthropathy, a condition that occurs when the cartilage between the facet joints begins to break down or become damaged. The Condition is also believed to be one of leading causes of back and neck pain, making it one of the most common issues amongst patients.

Common Issues with the Facet Joints

Facet Arthropathy can cause a whole host of issues ranging from stiffness to nerve irritation. Pain when bending over and leaning back are generally the most common complaints though symptoms can vary. Causes can include

  • Prolonged Sitting/Improper Posture
  • Car accident/sports injury
  • Wear and Tear through heavy lifting or disc issues

Repeated microtrauma to these joints can also cause a buildup of scar tissue leading to a loss of motion and sharp pains. Creating a scenario where simple tasks begin to dominate our day’s problems. Making our good days worse and our bad days unbearable. At its worst, Facet Arthropathy can cause parts of the back and neck to border on unmovable. But don’t be discouraged. SnapCrack offers a wide array of affordable treatments that not only help prevent but also actively treat symptoms associated with this condition.

Why Maintenance of the Facet Joint is Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Just as important as the vital organs that gives us life, its these facet joints that give us QUALITY in our lives.

Similar to the steps we take in maintaining our bodies through healthy eating and exercise, an equal amount of care should be given in the maintenance of these joints. There are after all the backbone of virtually every movement we make in our lives. The “Crack” and “Drop” methods we offer are some of the most popular methods in adjusting the spine. Each facet joint capsule is given a precise adjustment on each side of the vertebrae, giving you an even level of flexibility. Both methods are quick, painless, and in practically every case, extremely relieving. They help in restoring normal motion to our vertebrae while helping add elasticity to the tough cartilage in our joints.

Take Control Of Your Chiropractic Experience

At SnapCrack we believe in giving as much power to the patient as possible.

You tell us what you’re comfortable with and we follow.

At your immediate disposal are 3 fundamental and universal Body Alignment Services which we call…

  • The Crack: Known most commonly amongst Chiropractors as the “Diversified Technique”, the treatment is typically what most people envision when they think of a Chiropractor. Patients generally sit or stand while our Chiropractors positions the joints for movement. What follows is a quick yet euphoric thrust, shift, and crack, as the area is pushed into a normal range of motion.
  • The Drop: Also called the “Thompson Drop table Technique”, involves a chiropractic table that keeps the affected area of a patient’s back or pelvis elevated before a light thrust is administered. The specially designed table then collapses down into a fixed position resulting in the same satisfaction minus the crack!
  • The Click: The preferred method for those not a fan of the crackling sensation produced by either of the above mentioned methods. The Click involves using an instrument known as the activator adjusting instrument. With it, our SnapCrack Chiropractors target afflicted joints to provide instant relief. Helping solve leg length discrepancies without the drama of a crack!

Choosing between any number of these alignment techniques is a decision we leave entirely up to you and your comfort! We encourage any first time patients hesitant about these techniques to come on in and see for yourself!

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