Here are some tips to shed excess weight from quarantine

How to Shed Excess Weight from Quarantine

It’s no secret that being in quarantine has dramatically impacted many people’s habits and lifestyles. Scroll through your social media feed, and you’re likely to see pictures of what everyone is baking or what Netflix series they are binging.

With the government suggesting minimal outings to the grocery store, many were stocking up on canned or frozen food options that wouldn’t go bad. As a result, people are consuming fewer fresh fruits and veggies. Couple that with gyms being closed, and people working from home means that people are doing less physical activity in general. Thus, the “Quarantine 15” was born.

If you have put on a little extra weight during quarantine, you’re not alone. Here are some tips for shedding that excess weight.

Create a meal plan and structure your eating times

When you have the structure of work and consistent eating times each day, it’s easier to avoid random snacking. You have breakfast before you leave for work, lunch in the middle of the day, and dinner when you get home. You don’t spend all day going back and forth to the kitchen and snacking on whatever you can find.

When you’re working from home or not working at all, many people get bored or don’t structure their mealtimes and end up snacking on junk all day. The calories can start to add up without you even noticing it. Create a meal plan for your week and stick to designated mealtimes to ensure you don’t overeat.

It’s a good idea to keep a food journal, so you can see a snapshot of your eating habits and try to change them.

Get active

With everyone spending so much time at home, most people are either sitting down, working on the computer, or sitting down binging Netflix. Since everyone spends so much time sitting, it’s more important than ever to try to get active. Typically, you get some form of physical activity throughout your day without even trying. Walking to work and from work, going for a jog, even shopping are all activities people are now lacking.

Take the time to do some form of exercise every day. There are tons of free at-home workout plans online that require no equipment and only take 30 minutes. Many YouTubers have created a workout series specifically for the pandemic, and they can help you maintain healthy body weight during the lockdown.

Manage your stress

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an immense amount of stress and uncertainty for everyone. No one has understanding in dealing with these situations, so everyone is trying to cope in the best way they know-how. Unfortunately for many, coping often includes binge eating and usually sugary and fatty foods. Finding ways to manage stress healthily is the key to avoiding putting on that extra weight.

Some ways you can help manage your stress better are limiting how much news you consume, meditation, going for a walk, or doing yoga or exercise. When you feel yourself starting the get stressed, try one of these techniques before heading to the fridge or cupboard.

Another way to manage stress is through chiropractic care. Spinal adjustments can help reduce tension in the body and re-energize you. Going to a walk-in chiropractor in Coral Gables like SnapCrack can get you started.

Our professional, highly trained chiropractors can help you find a chiropractic treatment that will help you reduce stress. Even better, our Coral Gables chiropractors can also counsel you on meal tips that can help you put a healthy meal plan together.

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