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How to Minimize “Tech Neck”

How to Minimize “Tech Neck”

The revolution of technology has created many new health conditions that you need to be aware of when using screens or when you are in an office environment. Chiropractors often see cases of “tech neck”, where neck pain has been caused by stretching to see your computer or mobile phone at an unnatural angle.

This article will discuss how to minimize your risk of developing strain on your neck muscles.

Maintain Good Posture

Good posture is possibly the best preventative for “tech neck” as this can help to keep the body aligned when looking at a screen and can prevent strain from positioning your neck at an angle that you would not naturally.

When using a screen, you should ensure that you keep your back and neck straight at all times, rather than slumping or stretching your neck to see the screen. You should also keep your shoulders back, and you should visit your GP or chiropractor to find out more about developing good habits for your posture through exercise.

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Do Stretches

Stretching can stop your muscles from becoming tense and sore from maintaining the same position for long periods of time. This will also ensure that you are moving your neck regularly even if you are unable to take breaks or conduct exercise. To stretch your neck, you should perform an arching movement through your back and neck often.

You could also consider a corner stretch, where you stand facing the corner of a wall, and then lean and press your arms against it, holding the position for a few moments at a time. Tucking in your chin and then gently raising it may also be a useful exercise for those with neck pain.

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Take Breaks

Taking breaks is vital for your neck health as this will give you the opportunity to move around, stretch, and exercise your neck, therefore, reducing the strain on it. To keep your spine aligned correctly, you need to take breaks every twenty minutes to half an hour, using the opportunity to step away from the screen for a few moments.

You also need to take breaks from mobile phones, as these cultivate a head-forward position, and so you should make sure that you do not spend office breaks staring at a different type of screen.

Ensure Good Ergonomics

One of the best ways to care for your neck and posture is to ensure that your office is fitted with good ergonomics that suit your individual needs. For instance, you should have an adjustable chair and monitor to reduce glare, ensure that it is at eye level and that it is an appropriate distance from your eyes. You should also consider investing in standing desks which can allow you to move easily and reduce tension on your spine when you need it.

Treat Your Vision

You are more likely to lean forward to see the screen (and damage your neck) if your eyesight is poor. Rather than struggle, you should book an appointment with an optician to get glasses or contact lenses with the right prescription for you. You should also consider enlarging your screen or zooming in if the graphics on your screen are too small to see. Your screen should also be adjusted to match the type of glasses you have, such as bifocals, which can make a difference in how you sit.

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