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Comparing Dieting and Intuitive Eating

Comparing Dieting and Intuitive Eating

Weight loss is something almost everyone worries about at one point in their lives. Those who were naturally thin and athletic throughout their youth, often struggle as they get older and their metabolism slows. Those who experience a life change often see physical changes in their body.

There are many reasons why you may have gained weight or become unfit. Why doesn’t matter so much as how you intend to adjust your routines to accommodate your body’s needs so that you can be your healthiest.

Most people immediately turn to a diet, and while dieting can certainly help when you need to lose weight fast, it is not the most sustainable solution.

What is Dieting?

Dieting refers to changing your diet for a short period of time to actively ingest fewer calories than you burn. Some diets have very special rules. Often known as “fad diets”, these promise huge weight loss bonuses in exchange for healthy meals or sustainable eating habits.

If you were told by your doctor to lose weight as fast as you can for your health, these fad diets can help you get down to a more manageable weight. Similarly, if your goal is to lose weight, it can help to count your calories in the beginning, until you become more familiar with listening to your body’s rhythms.

In all cases, however, dieting is not a permanent solution. You need to follow up with new eating habits if you want your diet to provide lifelong results.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is not a diet, but rather an eating method that encourages you to listen to your body’s internal systems. Our body knows what it needs. Sometimes this will be a healthy snack.

Other times it might be something full of sugar and fat. Cravings can either lie to you if you become too hooked on certain foods, or they can become a great shepherd for your eating habits.

It does require you to re-learn how to eat and may require you to cut out certain foods to allow you to listen to the more nuanced cues your body provides. If you only ever feel like you crave food that is full of fat, sugar, or salt, that is because these items are highly addictive, and you won’t be able to truly benefit from intuitive eating until after you remove the addiction from your brain.

How to Determine Which is Better for You

For most, losing weight will require a two-part process. The first is to actively lose weight as part of your goal. The second is to maintain that weight.

The transition period in-between is the most crucial aspect between these two steps. Otherwise, the diet will only be a punishment for your body, and your long-term eating habits will continue to increase your weight.

Intuitive eating is certainly the healthiest, most natural way to lose weight and to maintain a better weight. It can be hard to do if you are addicted to certain foods, so a diet can be a good way to jumpstart your intuitive eating journey.

Do remember to keep an eye on your overall health when losing weight. Address any aches and pains with your chiropractor, any health issues with your doctor, and any mental concerns as soon as you notice them. Your body will be going through serious changes, so you need to support yourself throughout your journey.

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