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Can a Chiropractor Correct Spine Problems?

As more and more people recognize the benefits of opting for more holistic methods for pain relief as opposed to turning directly to medication, the increase in individuals seeking chiropractic care and spinal manipulative therapy continues to grow. This is because, through routine chiropractic care, you can better manage the underlying cause of pain and discomfort resulting from everyday life instead of just simply dulling your pain with medication.

Moreover, the growing recognition of the dangers and side effects most commonly associated with pain relief medication in medical journals has caused many people to seek alternative, more holistic methods of pain relief. The fact of the matter is that sometimes life hurts, and things as commonplace as stress, tension, and poor posture can cause your back and neck to become uncomfortable and even painful. This is where chiropractic manipulations can help in the long term.

Because so many sources of pain and discomfort can be traced back to the spine, certain chiropractic techniques that specifically target the spine can help alleviate pain in other areas of the body. There are, in fact, a variety of spine problems that can be corrected through routine chiropractic health care.

Alignment Issues

One of the most common reasons that people turn to walk-in chiropractors for spine problems is related to the alignment of the spine. When your spine isn’t aligned properly, it can result in a build-up of nitrogen and other gasses within the joints of the spine. That build-up can be incredibly uncomfortable and cause your spine and back to feel stiff and immobile, which can lead to acute low back pain.

At SnapCrack’s Miami Beach chiropractor facility, we offer a variety of spinal adjustment techniques that can help to resolve this problem and get your full range of motion back. Our most popular technique, The Crack, results in an instantaneous release of that build-up of gas, bringing you instant relief from your discomfort whether that is from chronic low back pain or neck pain. However, those who aren’t comfortable with a moderate amount of thrust can still receive a spinal alignment. 

The alignment method that we refer to as The Drop can also properly align your spine. This is a gentler method that utilizes a drop table to achieve the proper alignment. The Click is another alternative method and is our gentlest chiropractic adjustment technique. This method involves the use of a handheld device to gently click your spine back into alignment.

Bringing your spine into alignment can help to alleviate a variety of issues. For instance, if you experience discomfort or pain in your hips, spinal alignment can help take some of the pressure off of them to bring you relief.

Poor Posture 

If you experience spinal issues as a result of poor posture, chiropractic treatment might be able to help. By adjusting your spine and improving your mobility and flexibility, you can better achieve the posture that you need to alleviate pain and discomfort. It is difficult to find the right posture when your spine is stiff and aching, but through alignment techniques, you can find yourself freed from such discomfort and thus able to use the right posture that can help you to avoid developing back and neck pain down the line.

For more medical advice on the matter, seek out our dedicated team at SnapCrack’s chiropractor in Miami Beach today. 

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