Am I Able to Adjust Myself?

Am I Able to Adjust Myself?

Although you might think that chiropractic treatments like those performed in South Miami chiropractor SnapCrack are simple enough that they can be performed by family and friends, or even by yourself, this is not true. Many people consider adjusting themselves, such as cracking their neck. However, not only is it impossible to adjust yourself properly, but it can also cause you a number of negative health effects when you try.

Does self-chiropractic work?

There are many forms of self-chiropractic that some people believe can be successful, and these include neck cracking and knuckle popping. These exercises can produce short term relief for patients that are afflicted by pain brought on by a certain condition. Many people with arthritis adjust themselves throughout the day in order to relieve discomfort. However, although this may create the same popping sound as adjustments performed by a chiropractor, they have none of the health benefits. In fact, you are releasing endorphins that will affect your body for a maximum of 20 minutes, before leaving you in the same amount of pain as before.

Is self-chiropractic dangerous?

Adjusting yourself could lead to a number of risks and even make your condition worse. Although rumors that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis are only based on conjecture, if you decide to self-adjust your neck, this can lead to a number of major side effects. This is particularly the case if your crack it too often, using an incorrect method or with too much force. In fact, this may even leave you with a permanent health problem that needs to be looked at by a chiropractor.

What can you do instead?

Instead, it would be best if you looked for other ways of getting relief from your pain, such as performing stretches and conducting exercises that have been specially developed to gently stretch and relieve tension in your muscles.

Why should you find a trained chiropractor?

If you do want to get spinal manipulations and adjustments, it is paramount that you visit a trained chiropractor. Instead of simply doing what feels right, chiropractors are experts in their field and have often been to college or on training courses in order to learn the ropes of their profession. They know what will cause your body pain, as well as the risks of what could harm your body. In addition to this, they can develop an individualized treatment plan for you that can take your needs into account. They will be able to diagnose you with any medical conditions that you have not previously known about and even prescribe other treatments, such as physical therapy, which can help you to progress on your healing journey.

If you want to overcome your health condition, you should contact our team at SnapCrack, a walk-in chiropractor in South Miami, to discuss your condition and to book an initial appointment. Our chiropractic clinics in Florida can provide you with a variety of spinal adjustment methods that you would not be able to, or even should do, yourself, for medical concerns ranging from lower back pain to arthritis and chronic pain. 

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