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Don’t Want Your Neck Touched? That’s Cool With Us.

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SnapCrack’s walk-in chiropractor in Coral Gables is a dedicated service, designed to treat any issues relating efficiently and quickly to back pain without the hassles of long waits, referrals, or insurance policies.

Chiropractors for Back Pain

Back pain in any form is uncomfortable and disruptive. You may not be able to sit comfortably, stand without pain, or it may even stop you from taking part in any of your favorite hobbies or even being able to continue with your everyday job.

We pride ourselves on providing hassle-free and fast, efficient relief from any back pain so that you can return to what you do best (and love doing) as soon as possible. Our Coral Gables chiropractor clinic has been formed with the modern, fast-paced lifestyle in mind, which means everything is catered towards your comfort and need for a quick and efficient solution to your pain.

We know that not everyone has the time to wait for an appointment, and even if you did, isn’t it always a bonus when you don’t have to wait? That’s why our licensed and dedicated team will be on hand, the moment you walk through the door, to treat your back pain and any other related issues.

Chiropractors for Sciatica

If you’re struggling with the pain caused by sciatica—a debilitating pain that can radiate down from the spine into one, or even both, legs—then let our dedicated service help you. Sciatica pain can fast make you exhausted with dealing with the discomfort and problems associated with it, so allow our dedicated service to help you fix and eliminate the pain. We will work to relieve any pressure on your sciatic nerve specifically, which will result in you being able to walk out pain-free and back to your normal life.

Our Techniques

Visiting us for back pain treatment will see you offered one of three of our main treatment options, all with varying degrees of thrust level and manipulation style.

The Click

A gentle thrust. A simple, gentle adjustment through the use of a handheld tool by our experienced chiropractor may be all that is needed. Even if you don’t mind a more moderate thrust, it may be that a gentle thrust with The Click method is perfect for your needs. This technique adjusts your spine quickly and comfortably. The handheld instrument is perfectly suited for targeting your spine and body in the right places.

The Drop

A mild thrust. This technique option incorporates a professional drop-segment table, which can be paired up with your body in order to adjust in the right places at the right time. Segments of the drop table are coordinated with a mild thrust applied to the area of the body in question, so as to adjust your body without you needing to do anything other than relax on the table.

The Crack

A moderate thrust. When you think of chiropractors, you may also think of the famous “crack” —after all, our name at SnapCrack says it all—and this technique definitely delivers! A classic chiropractic technique, our licensed professional will adjust and crack your back in the relevant places, providing instant relief from pain or discomfort.

What You Need to Know About Visiting SnapCrack

If this is your first time visiting SnapCrack—or perhaps your first time visiting a chiropractor at all—then you don’t need to worry. We make sure that our environment isn’t pressured, busy, or stressful. We tailor our treatment in a completely relaxed fashion for the modern individual looking for fast and effective relief from back pain. You’ll feel confident and comfortable the moment you step into our center in Coral Gables—and you’re welcome to come back again and again!

Our mission will always be to provide easy treatment, exactly the way you want and need it. Our facilities completely cater to our style of service and dedicated mission.

When choosing to let us help you with your pain relief and back care, you can expect the following:

  • A completely relaxing environment
  • A team of hand-picked professionals, attendants, and chiropractors
  • A quick and easy in-out service
  • No long waiting times
  • No need to worry about referrals

No Insurance Required!

With a quick and easy in-out service, we don’t want to then make it more complicated with insurance hassles and the expectation of filling out long, detailed forms.

When choosing SnapCrack you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have any insurance obligations to worry about that take up your valuable time. You can get our medical treatment, anytime, whenever you need, no insurance required.

Our prices are set at an affordable price of $29.

You can visit us for treatment anytime, whether you have health insurance or not. Our treatment options aren’t dependent on any policy or referral.

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