Quiropracticos sin cita previa en South Miami, cerca de Kendall

Quiropracticos sin cita previa en South Miami, cerca de Kendall


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Incluye cualquier o todos nuestros servicios quiroprácticos durante su visita.

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¿No quiere que le toquen el cuello? Eso está bien para nosotros.

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Después de un duro día de trabajo, puede parecer que la mejor idea del mundo es un masaje. Un masaje, sin embargo, no se ocupa de la presión compuesta que se ejerce sobre la columna vertebral en el día a día. Para ello, necesita quiroprácticos profesionales que lo ayuden a ajustar su columna vertebral para que pueda disfrutar de una mayor movilidad y circulación, sin mencionar una marcada disminución del dolor de espalda o cuello.

Sin necesidad de citas y con visitas sin cita previa, puede disfrutar de una sesión quiropráctica con uno de los miembros de nuestro equipo siempre que busque un quiropráctico en South Miami, cerca de Kendall, Florida.

Cuidado personalizado para satisfacer sus necesidades

We don’t believe that having a healthy and happy spine should come with a high price tag. We always want to deliver effective back pain relief without you having to worry about large bills or insurance policies. We simply target and treat your pain, at only $29, no insurance needed.

Our Treatment for Back Pain

Intense back pain can happen to anyone, at any time. It could be simply twisting the wrong way, sitting with bad posture, or it may be a more serious issue such as a sporting injury or perhaps degenerative joints over time. Whatever the cause of your back pain, we will always have a solution tailored to you for your treatment and pain relief.

Chiropractic care is a fantastic and appealing solution because it means avoiding any long waits for mainstream medical appointments and having to deal with doctor’s referrals or prescriptions.

Our back pain relief plans can help you in many ways. Whether you’re looking for a moderate, manual fix with a satisfying crack, or whether you’d prefer to lie on a table and let our Thompson drop-table technique do the work, you can rest easy knowing that we have you covered with our dedicated techniques targeted for back pain relief.

Our hands-on approach means a fast and direct solution to any back pain—no matter the severity or area—by releasing pressure and massaging the spine to help you feel your best and most mobile again.  

Licensed Chiropractors, Quality Service

We have a team of specialized therapists who are always on hand to talk you through your chiropractic options and work out what treatment would be best for you, including your desired thrust level and the technique that you would feel most comfortable with.

A Completely Casual Environment, With No Pressure from Us

We care about your comfort levels, and not just during your treatment. We want you to feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door. We also understand that chiropractic care might be a little intimidating for a first timer. We will do everything we can to talk you through your options and put you at ease, as well as offering mild, moderate, or gentle treatment techniques suited to you.

We also respect any specific requests you may have—if you don’t want us to touch your neck, that’s cool with us.

No Insurance Needed

You don’t need to worry about having an extensive insurance policy, or any health insurance at all. Our treatment is $29, with or without insurance.

Choose from Our Three Satisfying Chiropractic Methods

Following your initial chat, you will be offered three effective choices for your chiropractic treatment. We’ll always recommend the best option that we think suitable, but we’ll always also take on board what you want. It’s you who will have the final say. All three techniques will result in the same level of top-quality care and pain relief, so it’s up to you what kind of thrust you would prefer.

The Crack

As the name rightly suggests, this will see you paired with the technique that will cause a satisfying, audible crack! Your chiropractor will manipulate and apply pressure to your body to crack your spine and body in the right places, helping to alleviate aches, pains, and any other problems you’re experiencing. This is the most moderate thrust level of our options.

The Click

Our gentlest option, this will adjust your back in the softest way, without any audible cracks or extensive movement. With this method, your specialist will use a small tool rather than their hands to pinpoint the areas of your spine that need realigning. The small tool will issue a very gentle point of pressure to the relevant areas in order to realign your spine in a very mild manner.

The Drop

This technique is different in that your specialist will ask you to lie on a table instead of manipulating your body upright. This table—known as the Thompson drop table—is designed so that specific segments can be moved and dropped when needed. By positioning your body on this table, your specialist will then be able to drop the right segments at the right time and apply a mild thrust simultaneously to the areas that need treatment.

Visit SnapCrack’s walk-in chiropractor in Miami Beach to relieve your back pain today!

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