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Post-Quarantine: How to Re-Enter Society without Feeling Overwhelmed

Post-Quarantine: How to Re-Enter Society without Feeling Overwhelmed

The landscape of our social and economic world has changed since the arrival of Covid-19. In only a few short months, countries have experienced drastic changes in everyday life and been witness to stories of hardship and adversity during isolation. But while the virus has caused suffering and devastation for some people, positive aspects have emerged, such as the healing of the planet and communities of people caring for one another.

As lockdown and quarantine measures slowly lift, people may feel uncertain about how to re-enter society. If you’re anxious, stressed, or fearful about what lies ahead, the tips below may help.

Focus on the Positives

Since the coronavirus made its way around the world earlier this year, the number of negative stories about death rates, unemployment, and the economy has been ever-present. But in the same way that you can choose to buy certain products, you can also choose to focus on the positive aspects around you. Rather than get swept up in depressing stories on social media or on TV, search for happy stories and positive messages instead. Rather than be depressed about being in quarantine, try to see the value in the new regime of peace and quiet and the additional time spent with family. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining.

Ease into Things

Depending on your state of mind, jumping straight into normal activities after a long period of quarantine can be a bit drastic. If your schedule demands that you spend a lot of time out in society once things re-open, try to ease yourself in as much as possible. If you’re feeling anxious or uncertain, it is especially important not to overwhelm yourself. Remember, social distancing measures will change the way we travel, shop, and behave in shops, on roads, and in offices. Therefore, easing into things is essential as it can take time to adjust.

Focus More on You

It can be tempting to keep up with news reports and the latest stats about Covid-19 but focusing too much on the virus can affect your mood and outlook. By concentrating less on what’s going on in the world, and more on yourself, you can strengthen your inner resilience.

Take time each day to foster calmness, immerse yourself in your hobbies and interests, spend time with friends and family, and schedule in rest and relaxation. Do all you can to take care of your health and relax. Get a massage or see your chiropractor to ease any muscle tension. You can meditate listen to uplifting music or cook delicious food. The healthier you make yourself internally, the stronger you will feel when you re-enter society.

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Embrace Change

Adjusting to the new way of life as we re-enter society can feel overwhelming. Not only are there new rules to abide by, but there are risks in terms of virus spread and containment. One way to feel better about these changes is to embrace them. Wanting the world to be different than it is will only cause stress and misery.

Why not accept these new regimes and try to enjoy the process? Change can be good, and while we won’t be distancing forever, adapting, and going with the flow no matter how strange the rules might seem, can lessen the stress you feel inside.

The coronavirus epidemic has changed our way of life for the foreseeable future. No matter what changes we face as we re-enter society, we all have the power to change how we feel inside and be resilient in the face of adversity. 

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