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How do Chiropractic Adjustments Work?

As the trend towards a more holistic approach to pain relief continues to grow, more and more people are turning to chiropractic care to help manage the general aches and pains that can be brought about through everyday life. While those who are regularly active and engage in routine workouts or sports are naturally more prone to experiencing discomfort and pain in the body as a result of the demands placed on it through such activities, even those who aren’t particularly active can benefit from chiropractic care.

For instance, if your job is particularly stressful and you spend a great deal of your day sitting at a desk, you might find that over time the tension and tightness that you feel in your upper back and shoulders is too much to ignore. This is where chiropractic care can help. Through properly aligning your spine and releasing the tension in your back, you can find relief from your discomfort and pain.

At SnapCrack’s walk-in chiropractors in Miami Beach, we offer a range of techniques that help to achieve the proper alignment of the spine and help to improve mobility. It isn’t uncommon for our patients to come in for routine adjustments as a way to alleviate discomfort and experience less pain through some of our most popular techniques.

The Click

Those who are looking for a gentle spinal alignment to help relieve neck pain that doesn’t require a great amount of force or thrust can benefit from the technique that we call The Click. This method involves your chiropractor using a handheld device to gently align the bones in your spine. While you might hear some light clicking in the process, you won’t experience any abrupt cracks as with some other common chiropractic techniques.

The Drop

A technique that is a bit more of an intense chiropractic manipulation than The Click is the method that we refer to as The Drop. This is another spinal adjustment technique where your chiropractor will utilize a device in order to help achieve your alignment. The drop table is an incredibly helpful tool in allowing your chiropractor to give you’re the spinal manipulation that you need.

As you lay on the drop table, your chiropractor will identify the area that is going to be targeted in the adjustment. As the table drops down, a mild amount of force will be applied to that area. The table allows for a gentle adjustment that effectively aligns the spine.

The Crack

When you think of classic chiropractic treatments and spinal manipulative therapy, you probably call to mind techniques similar to the one that we call The Crack. This is where your chiropractor uses a moderate amount of thrust to instantly crack your spine. The sound that you hear is the result of the rapid release of nitrogen and other gases from the joints in the spine.

When you release the gas that has become trapped in your spine, the relief that you feel will be as instantaneous as the sound heard during this method, your spinal joint will feel looser and more relaxed as a result, which could mean you get your range of motion back.

 If you have chronic low back pain from a sporting injury or another chronic health condition that is causing daily pain, then coming to our Miami Beach chiropractor clinic to receive chiropractic care is the best solution for you.

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