Wrist Arthritis from Being on the Phone

Wrist Arthritis from Being on the Phone

Smartphones have become a huge part of most people’s daily lives. From scrolling through social media and texting to answering emails and browsing the web, most of us will spend a significant amount of time using them at every possible opportunity.

According to statistics released by eMarketer, in 2019, the average adult in the United States spent 2 hours, 55 minutes on their smartphone every single day. There is no denying how important these devices are when it comes to both work and play; however, the reality is that constant smartphone usage can have a negative impact on a person’s health, especially when it comes to one’s hands, wrists, and posture.

How do smartphones affect the hands and wrists?

Overusing your smartphone can lead to hand and wrist pain due to the tendons connecting to thumb becoming inflamed. Many people will notice this pain predominantly in the evenings, but some can experience it consistently to the point where they may require surgery to rectify the problem. In these severe cases, wrist arthritis is usually the underlying issue.

The best way to minimize and alleviate this pain is to change the way that you hold your phone, particularly when you are texting. Instead of using both of your thumbs to text, rather place your phone on a flat surface or in one hand, and type with the other. You may find that you cannot text quite as fast, but this simple change can work wonders when it comes to reducing discomfort.  

If you must text with both thumbs, at least try to avoid bending your elbows for extended periods of time. This will encourage adequate blood flow to your wrists, hands, and fingers, which can aid in reducing strain to a certain extent.

There are also ways in which to cope better with any persistent wrist pain that remains. For example, it is important to flex your wrist and hand tendons in between using your phone. Doing so will aid in keeping them flexible. Doctors also recommend applying hot or cold compresses to deal with any swelling or inflammation. Additionally, a gentle massage using decent pressure is a great way to calm muscle spasms and bring instant relief.

How do smartphones affect posture?

Another issue that smartphone overuse brings about is a poor posture and chronic neck pain. The majority of people will gaze downwards at their phones, which increases pressure on the neck and leads to wear and tear. Whenever possible, hold your device up to your eye level so that your neck stays in a neutral position, and you can keep your back straight.

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments can be a tremendous help to alleviate the aches and pains that develop from frequent usage of your phone. Here at SnapCrack, a walk-in chiropractor in Miami, we offer bespoke adjustments to people of all ages for just $29 per session. We also operate on a no-wait policy – simply walk in, and you will be attended to immediately.

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