Tall Tales of High Heels & Spinal Health

Tall Tales of High Heels & Spinal Health

Many people claim that they feel instantly sexier and more powerful the moment that they slip on a killer pair of high heels. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that that sizable confidence boost could be at the expense of their long-term spinal health.

Below, you will find the reasons why high heels can have such a negative impact on your spine and how to counteract the damage with the right treatment going forward.

How high heels impact the spine

The primary reason why high heels are bad for your spine is the fact that they change its natural alignment. Your spinal column is designed to effectively support your body and posture when your heels are flat. The moment that they are raised, the entire structure of your spine is altered. When this happens regularly, the unavoidable consequence is a substantial amount of wear and tear on your back’s ligaments, joints, and discs. From there, you are likely to begin experiencing persistent back pain even when you are wearing flat shoes.

Some published studies have looked into the effects of donning high heels for short periods of time vs. for longer periods of time. Those who wore them for short bursts noticed changes and pain in their pelvis, upper body, and the lumbar portion of the spine. On the other hand, those who wore them for long periods noticed changes and pain in their lower back and often started to develop a ‘swayback’ in their spinal structure. In summary, no matter how infrequently you wear them, high heels are a huge no-no when it comes to your spine and your general health.

It’s not just about the spine

High heels can also have an impact on your feet, ankles, calves, knees, and hips. For example, wearing high heels means that your ankles have to tilt forward, which can affect blood circulation throughout your lower limbs and potentially lead to the development of unsightly spider veins. Further to this, high heels place a significant amount of strain on the inner sides of the knees. This ramps up the speed of wear and tear and can cause a case of early-onset osteoarthritis.

For those that still insist on wearing high heels, experts have highlighted that damage can be somewhat minimized by selecting a lower heel, preferably four inches and below.

Chiropractic is the solution

The instant solution to back pain and other joint pain is to remove those high heels for good. However, if you have been wearing them for years, you might need a bit of extra help to control the symptoms and help heal some of the damage done.

Chiropractic is the ultimate solution when it comes to this. Here at SnapCrack, a walk-in chiropractor in Miami, we offer bespoke chiropractic adjustments at just $29 a pop (pun intended). No appointments required – simply walk in, and one of our spinal experts will assist you in a snap.

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