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You may have experienced pain in your back while you were shopping in Miami Ironside or swimming in Legion Park. Whatever the reason is for your discomfort, it does not need to be accepted as an expected part of daily life. 

While your pain might not warrant invasive surgery or strong medication, this does not mean that it should go ignored. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is amiss. If it goes unanswered, then it is likely to develop into a more significant problem later down the line. 

At our SnapCrack chiropractor in Brickell near the Upper East Sidev, we offer wait-free drop-in treatment sessions for only $29 for both first time and returning patients. There’s no need to leave that pain untreated any longer. 

Chiropractic Treatments as Pain Relief 

Chiropractic treatment involves the use of hands-on manipulation of the spine and other areas to align the body’s musculoskeletal structure. This promotes further healing without the need for surgery or medication. 

Sports Injuries

Playing pretty much any sport involves putting your body under quite a lot of physical strain and pressure. As a result of this, serious injuries are common. Not only are sports injuries often very painful, but they also threaten your ability to take part in those types of activities in the future. This is why proper recovery treatments are vital. 

Visiting your local SnapCrack Brickell chiropractor will help to not only alleviate the pain caused by a sporting injury but to speed up your whole recovery process. From ensuring the proper healing has taken place, to performing preventive treatments that will ensure no similar injuries occur in the future, chiropractic care can help the active sportsperson in a host of different ways. 

Chronic Pains 

Chronic pains can affect every aspect of a person’s life, making even the simplest tasks such as waiting in line at the bank seem daunting. To help relieve these symptoms and improve overall well-being, many people turn to chiropractic care. 

Visiting a chronic pain chiropractor at SnapCrack can help to reduce your pain without the need for medication. Your chiropractor will work on your specific problem areas as well as easing overall physical tension. He or she will also offer you advice and suggestions about the best ways to deal with your pain at home. 

Growing Pains 

Growing pains are a completely natural and, unfortunately, a very uncomfortable part of childhood. While they can be experienced at any age until an individual has stopped growing, they are most common between the ages 3-5 and 8-12. Children are likely to experience pains down the backs of their legs and behind their knees. Growing pains have the potential to be very sore and can disrupt a child’s quality of sleep. That can affect their ability to concentrate. 

While the specific cause of these pains still remains somewhat of an enigma, many medical professionals believe they are caused by the exercising of the muscles. Visiting a children’s chiropractor near you can be a great way to elevate this muscle tension. 

Strain Injuries 

These injuries are usually caused by repetitive activity, which might be obvious when dealing with runner’s knee or tennis elbow. Strain injuries, however, are not exclusively caused by exercising, as the aforementioned names might suggest.

Strain injuries have a root cause in repetitive movements pulling on the ligaments and tendons. This results in an inflammation of the joint capsules. Consequently, these injuries can occur anywhere in the body, as demonstrated by those unfortunate enough to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from typing on a computer.


Those who suffer migraines will know that the pain is completely different from that of a standard headache. They can be a bane on the sufferer’s life and often the only recourse is to wait it out in a darkened room. Migraines are often caused by a poorly aligned spinal cord, which affects the nerves.

This can either produce migraines or make you more prone to the condition. Our tailored treatments can help to ease and prevent this pain. The chiropractor will focus on re-aligning your body to release the pressure on your nervous system, reducing the likelihood you will experience migraines.


Arthritis can cause stiffness, chronic pains, and swelling of the joints, making them feel impossible to move. While it is likely to flare up at different points of the day, arthritis is likely to present a pretty constant challenge to those who suffer it. Gentle chiropractic treatment can help to lessen pain and the resultant effects of this condition.

Whatever the reason for your pain, you shouldn’t feel you have to suffer it in silence. The list above outlines how dedicated chiropractor care can reduce the symptoms of a myriad of different causes. With our walk-in service near the Upper East Side, here is no need to book ahead, simply arrive and be seen immediately with our no-wait policy, with sessions costing only $29.

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