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Don’t Want Your Neck Touched? That’s Cool With Us.

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Why would you want to visit SnapCrack walk-in chiropractors in South Miami near Dadeland? If you are suffering from neck, shoulder, hip, leg, or back pain, it is an easy question to answer. If you are suffering from migraines and tension headaches, sciatica, muscle stiffness, a rotator cuff injury, stress, and other conditions, it might be a harder question to answer. After all, chiropractors only work on the spine, and related conditions, don’t they?

The truth is that chiropractors do work on the spine. We manually manipulate and realign the spine to ensure that other areas of the body are more comfortable and causing fewer mobility issues for the patient. Yet what is interesting to note is just how many areas of the body and how many seemingly wholly unrelated conditions, can all be dealt with by a chiropractor. The spine is connected to everything, even if you do not realize it.

No matter what pain you might be feeling or what injury has occurred, visiting a chiropractor can help in some way – and we will explain everything to you, so you know exactly how it all works.

How Does SnapCrack Work?

SnapCrack is a chiropractor’s clinic with a difference. We employ fully trained, completely qualified practitioners with a lot of experience behind them to help our patients in the best way we can. What makes us really different, however, is the fact that we take the time to listen to each patient. This is the key, and it is what makes our treatment plans so beneficial.

By listening, asking questions, and understanding what we are being told, we can create the ideal treatment plan for every patient individually – we don’t work with ‘off the shelf’ treatments, and we know there is no one treatment that will fit each patient. That is why we listen, and it is why we use our experience to help in the most useful way we can.

Once the experts at SnapCrack have determined both the physical and mental issues you have been suffering from, we can begin your treatment. It might be that one session is all you need; it might be that you need a number of them. This will depend on our findings and on your body’s response to how we are helping you. We will always be upfront about what we are doing and why, and if you have any worries or concerns, we encourage you to voice them. By working as a team, patients and chiropractors can work wonders.

Although we cannot give you a plan right now without having seen you and assessed your personal situation, we do know that we will be able to help you. No matter what the reason for coming to SnapCrack walk-in chiropractors near Dadeland, your pain and discomfort will soon be gone. 

Understanding the Root Cause

It is easy for a well-trained chiropractor to treat the symptoms of an issue presented to them. The patient will say that this area hurts, or this area is stiff, and the chiropractor will work on the spine to make the problem go away. This sounds wonderful, but at SnapCrack, we do more than that; we go further.

At SnapCrack, we do treat the symptoms; it will help the patient right now, and they should feel immediate relief. However, we also look for the root cause, which could be something entirely different. Take sciatica, for example, which presents as leg pain but is actually a back complaint.

Knowing what links to what means your SnapCrack chiropractor can not only treat the pain you are feeling right now, but they can also look into why that pain is there and treat that issue too. This leads to the patient being free of pain for the long term, rather than offering a quick fix. It is another reason why SnapCrack is such a special clinic to visit.

You Do Not Have to Wait

So, you can see just how SnapCrack works differently to help our patients. You can see that we know exactly how to help, and we want to help as much as we possibly can. What makes us even better and is one of the many reasons people are so happy to come to us, is that we operate a walk-in chiropractor near Dadeland. So, there is no waiting. You can come to us and be seen on the same day rather than making an appointment which might be many weeks away, during which time your pain will become worse, and your mobility becomes even more restricted.

If you need to see a South Miami chiropractor, there will be a reason; you will be suffering in some way. We do not want people to suffer; it goes against everything we stand for. That is why we are a walk-in clinic. We can help you right here, right now. 

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