Staying Hydrated this Summer and Its Benefit to the Spine

Staying Hydrated this Summer and Its Benefit to the Spine

Staying Hydrated this Summer and Its Benefit to the Spine

More than at any other time of year, people are far
more inclined to spend time outside during the summer. When the sun comes out,
the idea of a run or playing volleyball on the beach becomes far more
appealing. However, as well as looking after our physical health in the sun,
it’s important to stay hydrated. Feeling dizzy, nauseous and light-headed can
all be related to not drinking enough fluid in the summer heat. If you’re prone
to a bad back, it’s even more critical that you keep yourself fully hydrated.

Looking after your discs

Anyone who has slipped a disc will know that in
between our vertebrae, the water that fills the discs is crucial to our
day-to-day comfort. The water in these discs is not brought about by blood
flow, but instead by imbibing water. It’s said that at night time, these discs
need to replenish and rehydrate so that we can return to our normal healthy and
comfortable selves. Of course, in the summer you will lose more water due to
the heat; therefore, it is more crucial than ever to stay hydrated.

As well as looking after the fluid in between your
vertebrae, keeping hydrated is also necessary for keeping you healthy after any
form of exercise. It’s essential for looking after your organs and muscle
groups. After a workout, make sure you rehydrate yourself immediately and do
some stretches around the spine to increase your comfort.

While staying hydrated is vital, energy drinks and
soda are not at all healthy for you. However, you can still make your drinks a
little more exciting this summer. If you want to rehydrate throughout the
summer and not get bored with regular H2O, you can try the following:

  • Make

a jug of ice tea and sweeten it with slices of orange and maybe a bit of honey
(but not lots!).

  • Freshen

up your water with sliced fruit, cucumbers or stalks of mint.

  • Balance

out your fruit juice with soda water. Not only will it halve your sugar intake
from a full glass of fruit juice, but you’ll also get a far more refreshing

Take action on ongoing problems

If you have back pain regardless of how much you are
drinking in between exercises, it’s important that you get it fixed. Visiting
your local chiropractor is one of the best ways to get those ongoing aches and
pains dealt with – so you can get back to enjoying the summer. Sessions are
relatively short and will leave you feeling freer and more mobile. Readjusting
your back and popping trapped air bubbles in between joins can have a
collectively huge effect on how comfortable you feel.

By staying hydrated and receiving regular chiropractic
care, you could vastly improve your spinal health this summer. Keeping your
discs hydrated and preventing muscle cramps by keeping hydrated should be part
of your summer routine. As well as that, hydration is also vital for keeping
you alert and generally healthy in the summer months.

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