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SnapCrack’s Run Club in Coral Gables

SnapCrack’s Run Club in Coral Gables

It is no longer a rarity to find somebody who loves staying fit and healthy. The benefits of being in good athletic physical shape and having good cardio are becoming more widely known and more widely championed. Running is easily one of the most accessible exercises for practicing cardio – you don’t need to pay for fancy equipment beyond a pair of sturdy trainers or even for a gym membership if you don’t mind the occasionally unforgiving sidewalk. However, many people just don’t like running. The most common reason for people not like running is because they try to run, push themselves too hard and then feel uncomfortable for the entire run. They soon vow never to try running again.

Does that sound familiar?

If that sounds familiar, don’t worry! Sharing the most widespread reason for not liking something suggests that there is a common solution for this common problem. Most people run and feel uncomfortable and hate it because they don’t have the basics nailed down. They don’t walk before they can run.

To run without feeling like you were absolutely not built to put yourself through the ordeal of exercise requires a few things:

  • Comfortable, strong shoes
  • Energy from food
  • A bit of guidance throughout the run (and how to take care of your possibly aching body afterward).

Everybody thinks you can go straight into running without first laying down the foundation. However, without doing so, you will find that the hobby becomes non-inclusive, inaccessible and dull.

How can you work your way up?

Many people decide to motivate themselves into running by joining a run club. This is great; running is a sport that definitely benefits from a bit of healthy competition between friends, as well as empathy on your rest days. However, unless you’re running with experts that are generous enough to guide you through your first steps it doesn’t fix the problems outlined above. For running to be more accessible, this needs to change.

Join SnapCrack and Friends in Coral Gables!

That’s why if you live in Coral Gables, you can consider yourself lucky. SnapCrack, Luluemon Miami, SurfYogaBeer, Aminorip and ON Running are teaming up to provide the ideal run club to help you understand how to run and give you the motivation to keep at it. On the 1st of every month at 7pm, there will be a 3 mile run through Merrick Park, combined with a HIIT workout to help you push yourself to your limits. The difference with this run club is that you’ll have expert guides helping you along the run and leading the exercise, you’ll have the energy you need provided by Aminorip and you don’t even need a great pair of running shoes! ON Running will give you a choice of shoes to try for your run. Best of all, after you’ve had the most enjoyable run of your life, you’ll have a world-class recovery courtesy of SnapCrack Coral Gables chiropractic. If you can think of a more accessible, more inclusive and more exciting way to start running, you’re welcome to try it! 

Walk-in for a Quick Adjustment at SnapCrack!

Everyone can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment, especially for those who are active. After your run, walk into SnapCrack for a quick adjustment with a Coral Gables chiropractor to help your body recover. A chiropractor in Coral Gables, Florida will be happy to adjust your spine before or after your run to help you achieve that “feel good” feeling!

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