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Adjusted by a Chiropractor

What Does It Mean to be Adjusted by a Chiropractor in Brickell, Miami, FL?

The most common ailments of those who seek chiropractic help are backache, neck and shoulder pain, and often tension headaches too. Instead of heading to the doctor for medication, more and more individuals are heading down the more holistic route and opting to receive adjustments made by a Brickell chiropractor.

But, if you’ve never been before, what can you expect? What does it actually mean to be adjusted by a chiropractor in Brickell?

Your First Visit With a Brickell Chiropractor

Are you in pain but not sure what to expect from a chiropractor in Brickell?

During your initial visit, your chiropractor will ask questions about your health history and perform an exam by paying close attention to your spine. Depending on your health history, they may require addition tests or examinations before they can perform an adjustment on you. You may also need a series of visits to see an improvement in your pain. Most chiropractors in Brickell recommend a few sessions a week for 2-4 weeks to ensure your body has plenty of time to heal after each adjustment.

During the Procedure

An ‘adjustment’ means that your Brickell chiropractor will use their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. The end result of this procedure, also known as spinal manipulation, is to improve motion in the spine and improve your body’s mobility physically.

During your chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor in Brickell will place you (with your permission, of course) in specific positions to treat the affected area. You will usually be positioned lying face down on a padded table, and then over onto your back. When a Brickell chiropractor performs an adjustment, you will usually hear a popping or cracking sound as they move your joints during the treatment. Be aware that this is nothing to be concerned about, it is completely normal and they are thought to be a result of cavitation – a sudden pressure decrease inside the joint.

Cavitation causes gasses in the synovial fluid to be released into the space between the bones that are being adjusted. A chiropractor has many different manipulation techniques that they can use to relieve pain during a session. Whether they choose to use high velocity, or a low amplitude adjustment or manipulation, it’s important for the chiropractor to know when they should apply the adjustment too. If you don’t want a specific part of your body touched, like your neck for example, then you can ask your chiropractor to steer clear of this area.

Seeing Results

After chiropractic care, some people experience minor side effects for a few days afterwards. This could be anything from a headache, tiredness, or a dull ache around the part of the body that was treated.

Seeing results can be a process rather than a quick fix, so you may have to go back continually for adjustments until your chiropractor in Brickell is satisfied that your pain has gone, or been lowered to a bearable level. Whatever your health care concern, SnapCrack can help you with our chiropractic services. 

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