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Don’t Want Your Neck Touched? That’s Cool With Us.

Ready to feel good again? Let’s get cracking!

South Miami Chiropractor


Never tolerate long waits at our South Miami chiropractic location! Our licensed Chiropractic Physicians will get you in and feeling better in no time.


No neck. No x-rays. No problem! We’ll personalize your visit to suit your body’s needs.


Give your bank balance a break. Get what you need without the expensive extras.


Our South Miami chiropractors are perfect for those living and working in South Miami and the surrounding areas. We are perfectly located for those in Glenvar Heights, Pinecrest, Kendall, Coral Gables, and Coconut Grove. If you are on your way to Tropical Park and want to be able to enjoy your day out, head to our chiropractic clinic in South Miami. If you’re going to enjoy the tranquility of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, then allow us to extract the pain from your spine and neck.

Our South Miami chiropractors are here for you, and can help with pain, stiffness, and so much more. Visit our location at 7209 SW 57th Court, South Miami, FL 33143 and find affordable chiropractic care.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

The chiropractic care you will receive in South Miami is  amazing but make no mistake; chiropractic care carries far more benefits than just pain relief.

  • By relieving pain and repositioning your spine so that it can better hold your weight, our South Miami chiropractors work to improve your flexibility and strength. You’ll be ready to head out and take on the world, or just enjoy lazy days pain-free and without anything holding you back.
  • Pinched nerves and blood vessels can and often cause migraines and headaches. When our chiropractors in South Miami adjust your spine, they free these pinches vessels and nerves. You may experience a reduction in headaches or even feel more alert.
  • Studies have shown that the body sends warning signals to the brain when an invader, like a virus, enters your body. If the communication from that early warning to response is too slow, the virus can take hold. The communication channels. Your spine. By freeing those pinched nerves, you may experience better health, because your body can do its job properly.
  • Chronic conditions benefit the most from our South Miami chiropractors. Conditions like sciatica, or osteoporosis that don’t have a medical cure are best treated with ongoing chiropractic treatment at SnapCrack. Our membership rates were designed for those who would benefit from regular visits to their South Miami chiropractor, so you can get the medication-free, effective treatment you need to manage your condition.

Who Chiropractic Care Is For?

We are the go-to spot for those who have minor injuries and want effective results. Perhaps you pulled your back, or you hit the waves wrong on your day out at the beach – our chiropractic team in South Miami is here for you. We can help those with more serious injuries, but only after you seek out medical advice from your doctor. Chiropractic care is often included in physical therapy, so if that is part of your recommended physical rehabilitation, make a stop to our South Miami chiropractors.

How to Get The Most Out Of Your Chiropractic Care?

You may feel right as rain after a session with one of our chiropractors in South Miami. You may better benefit from ongoing sessions. With our membership, we always offer the best deal possible. One session? Our walk-in rates are a low $29 for all of our chiropractic services in South Miami. Need ongoing care? For just $49 per month, you can enjoy up to 6 chiropractic treatments, and your choice of  vitamin booster.


A manual adjustment with a cracking sound that leaves you feeling amazing!

Thrust Level: Mоdеrаtе

If you’ve had chiropractic treatment before, you already know the satisfaction of hearing the crack! This is the most common form of chiropractic treatment in South Miami, and our team are experts when it comes to enhancing your joint mobility and drastically reducing your aches and pains. The cracking sound that you hear with the best sessions is simply gas escaping from between your joints, and that means a massive loss of pressure on those joints.


Back doesn’t сrасk? Our drop tаblе has your back!
Thrust Level: Mild

A lighter spinal manipulation technique that uses a Thompson drop-table technique. This can enhance spinal adjustment treatments meaning that you get more back work for your buck. The drop table works by elevating your problem body part, with your chiropractor then giving a quick thrust just as the elevated section drops. It means that you get a lighter and more effective adjustment. This is for those that feel uncomfortable with the twisting techniques of other adjustments.


Nо сrасk, no drор? The click will do thе triсk!
Thrust Level: Gentle

This is the preferred option for the South Miami residents that are looking for the ultimate in gentle chiropractic treatment. Rather than cracking your vertebrae, The Click uses a handheld instrument that clicks on your vertebrae rather than cracking it. It does this with a low-impact force that can be applied to several key locations on your spine. This is one of the fastest, most precise, and gentle chiropractic treatments you will ever experience.


SnapCrack is your hassle-free chiropractic therapy facility in South Miami. We have designed our facilities to cater to your fast-paced lifestyle, at a cost that has never been more affordable. All of our local chiropractors have been hand-picked and are fully licensed. We are dedicated to providing a no-wait service so that you can wander in, get treated, and wander back out again without any fuss and feeling better than you’ve ever felt before. We want to improve your vitality, your energy, and get you functioning at optimal levels. If you’re struggling with back or spine issues and you’re ready to start feeling good again, let’s get cracking in South Miami.


Always Expect the Unexpected.

When you visit SnapCrack in South Miami, you will have an unforgettable experience. Our no-hassle service means that you get the immediate chiropractic service that you want, whenever and however you want it. We are dedicated to bringing you the best in stress-free treatment, and that means we have designed our SnapCrack facilities to have:

  • An in-and-out service
  • No waiting and prompt treatment
  • A casual treatment space where you can relax
  • A friendly and courteous team
  • The best in convenience, where you can walk in whenever you want without worrying about long waits
  • No hassles with insurance companies and no referral stresses
  • No need for commitment

Walk in whenever you like and get the ultimate in modern chiropractic care in South Miami. Here’s the process you’ll go through when you walk into our SnapCrack facility.

Tell Us About You

Let us know about any health conditions you may have, and we’ll do a quick and comprehensive physical exam. This helps us to better understand your needs and minimize your pain and discomfort.

See a SnapCrack South Miami Chiropractor

If it’s your first time getting chiropractic treatment in South Miami, then your chiropractor will conduct a brief and problem-focused orthopedic test. This exam means that your treatment will be maximized for effectiveness and quality.

Then We Get Cracking!

You choose the type of chiropractic treatment that you need. Then, it’s simply a matter of getting you the relief from pain and discomfort that you’ve been dreaming of. The best thing is that you can come back at any time, whenever you feel the need to crack your back!

No Insurance? It Doesn’t Matter!

We don’t take insurance! Dealing with insurance companies is a massive hassle that you can do without. At SnapCrack Chiropractic in South Miami, you can get quick and affordable treatment at any time, and all without going through the tedious process of dealing with those health insurance documents. For just $29 you can get all of the chiropractic treatment you need.

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