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Walk-in Chiropractors in Coral Gables, Florida

Walk-in Chiropractors in Coral Gables, Florida

If you’re in severe pain due to a bad back or neck then relieving your pain is probably foremost on your mind. You may be put off chiropractic care because a fast relief is always preferable, and in most people’s experience this is typically achieved with fast-acting painkillers that can be prescribed by a doctor. Coral Gables chiropractors can often have a reputation of taking a while to see you and even longer to heal your pain. This is partly because their field is in such demand, with around one million chiropractic adjustments performed every business day in the United States of America. However, attending a Coral Gables chiropractic appointment can truly benefit you!

How do Chiropractor Appointments Work?

Chiropractors typically offer an initial chiropractic session for free before a follow-up session. This initial consultation takes 45 minutes on average and typically includes the examination of 4 areas: patient history, symptoms (e.g. where is the pain), nervous/cardiovascular system checks and then diagnostic studies (e.g. x-ray exams or MRIs). After this session, the chiropractor typically creates a chiropractic treatment plan, where they will deduce which joint dysfunctions may need to be aided or what sort of strengthening exercises may be needed. This is an ongoing process designed to offer pain relief over a series of weeks. If you’re a working individual that doesn’t have the time or monetary resources to facilitate an ongoing chiropractic care plan this may put you off chiropractors completely, but there are now options when it comes to seeing a chiropractor.

But who cares? We don’t schedule appointments!

How Walk-in Chiropractic Care in Coral Gables changes the game

SnapCrack’s walk-in chiropractic care completely revolutionizes the chiropractic field. Instead of a time-inefficient treatment plan, SnapCrack offers three services designed for effective pain relief. What’s more, each service takes about 5 minutes to complete so you can go on with your day with ease. The first session may take a bit longer, as it would be irresponsible for a chiropractor in Coral Gables to administer treatments without an awareness of the client’s condition, but other than that you can walk in and out in minutes due to SnapCrack’s no-wait policy.

SnapCrack takes what is typically an arduous commitment and turns it on its head to offer all the benefits of Coral Gables chiropractic relief at $29 a pop. In the same way you might go to the drug store to pick up a prescription, you can go to SnapCrack’s Coral Gables location and ease your pain on demand. SnapCrack updates chiropractic care to satisfy the modern desire for convenience and simplicity. When you walk in, you’ll be able to choose from either a crack (a moderate technique to reduce spinal ache and discomfort), a drop (a mild technique designed to help align the spine), or a click (a gentle technique that aids alignment and relief of longer lasting problems).

Your chiropractor will explain the benefits of each in simple, everyday terms, and you will be able to have your pick included in the $29 cost. SnapCrack is the place to go if you’re a Coral Gables local or worker and need effective back pain relief on demand that works at a schedule you set yourself. 

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