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Chiropractors in Coral Gables

Chiropractors in Coral Gables, Florida

Did you know that 80% of Americans will experience problems with back pain at some point in their lives, and the number of people experiencing lower back pain is rising steadily? Out of Coral Gables’ 51 thousand citizens, this translates to roughly 40 thousand Coral Gables residents experiencing back pain at one point in their lives.

A back-pain Epidemic

If you’re a Coral Gables resident then you are likely to experience back pain at some point. If you do, what will you do about it? Chances are you may go to the doctor. That’s fair enough – 4 out of 10 Americans do the same. However, this is a mistake. Replacing a visit to the doctor with a visit to a chiropractor not only increases your chances of reducing back pain from 56% to 94%, it also would save Medicare $83.5 million annually if everybody did the same.

So why doesn’t everybody do it?

According to Dr. Phillip Cordova, people don’t visit chiropractors for several reasons. They don’t know what to expect as most people have seen a doctor so feel comfortable that they can anticipate the processes that they will engage in when they go. If you haven’t seen a Coral Gables chiropractor you won’t have the comfort of being able to anticipate exactly what’s going to happen. What’s more, humans have the tendency to presume the worst, and if you don’t know what to expect from a chiropractor in Coral Gables, you may worry your visit will end up being very expensive.

They also may not know if their specific back pain could be helped by a chiropractor. Many Coral Gables chiropractic ads are a bit vague about what they can help with. If you don’t know if you can be helped, then you’re more likely to go to a doctor and try and get a prescription, as that’s what might have helped you before.

People want pain relief as quickly as possible, and chiropractors instead offer a free initial consultation. To many, this does not imply fast relief from their suffering. This is a shame, as chiropractors do reduce back pain more than doctors if given the chance.

Coral Gables Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Back

The solutions to these issues become clear when written down. For the 40 thousand Coral Gables residents to get fast relief from their back pain, they should visit a chiropractor that offers them just that. That’s what happens with SnapCrack. Your first visit will not waste any of your time with free consultations or even waiting (there’s a strict ‘no wait’ policy). Instead, you will tell your Coral Gables chiropractor a bit about your health, undergo a few brief tests to gauge how you can be helped, and then choose the chiropractic service that you want and understand so you can feel relief from your first visit. It might be your only visit. Regardless, you will be protected from the worry of the unexpected as you’ll be assured that you can choose either a click, crack or drop chiropractic relief service for $29. This stands for your first time, as well as all the times after that. With SnapCrack, you can do without the anticipation, confusion, and worry and get fast relief from back pain. 

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