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Don’t Want Your Neck Touched? That’s Cool With Us.

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There are many great reasons to visit a licensed chiropractor. In just a few minutes, you can relieve back pain, neck pain, and even leg pain. You can find holistic, natural pain relief for your chronic back pain. You can even improve your immune and nervous system.

Massage therapy works to relieve tension, muscle knots and improve circulation. Spinal manipulations also work to relieve pressure, boost circulation and feel great. Then ultimate wellness day out must include a visit to the best back pain chiropractor in Coral Gables. Without that licensed chiropractor, you won’t be able to find lasting pain management solution or be able to regain your full range of motion.

Treat yourself or invest in an effective treatment plan that costs you less than $50 per month. SnapCrack is committed to offering you the best chiropractic service at the most affordable price.

What to Expect from Your Visit?

When you visit our Coral Gables chiropractic clinic in South Florida, you can expect quality care and a custom approach perfect for you.

1.    Choosing Your Chiropractic Care

We have a range of treatment options, perfectly designed to help you choose the best type of spinal decompression and spinal adjustment to suit your body’s needs and personal preferences. Do you have any concerns? Let your physical therapy expert know in advance, and we will work to customize your treatment as much as possible.

The Crack

The first of our wide range of health care chiropractic treatment adjustments is The Crack. This treatment option comes highly recommended and is popular worldwide. It is based on the oldest and most established chiropractic pain treatment options out there. Your back-pain chiropractor in Coral Gables will work to adjust your spine manually, moving your body and putting downward pressure on your spine to adjust it back into position.

The Drop

The Drop is our most gentle pain treatment and perfect for those who have pain suffered backs and chronic conditions. By using a drop table at our Coral Gables chiropractic center, our Coral Gables chiropractors can reposition your spine and provide lasting relief.

The Click

Also, a gentle option and ideal for those seeking out medical treatments based on the medical advice of a doctor or specialist is The Click. The Click will have your friendly family chiropractor using a handheld device to push the spine back into proper alignment gently. You can think of it like “clicking” it into place!

IV Vitamin Therapy

If you want to feel even better after your chiropractic adjustment in Coral Gables, then treat yourself to IV Vitamin Therapy. There are six options currently available, designed to boost your body’s dose of essential vitamins and nutrients that we don’t often get enough of in our modern-day lives.

2.    Incredible Prices

One single chiropractic visit costs a low $29. A single IV vitamin therapy costs an incredible $35. For members, though, the savings keep coming. A single month costs just $49, and in that month, you can enjoy up to six chiropractic visits and one IV vitamin therapy session.

You save even if you just want one chiropractic session and one IV vitamin therapy session a month with the membership!

3.    Effective Results

You will enjoy significant results because we only hire the best back pain chiropractors in Coral Gables. Whether you are looking for back pain relief, a stress management solution, or a holistic pain management option that is affordable, we can help.

Spine Health

We help keep your spine healthy and well by adjusting it back into its proper position. This will help you carry your weight better, help relieve pressure and pinched nerves, and relieve pain at its source. If massages and stretches haven’t worked for you, chances are chiropractic care will.


You can’t move when you are in pain. They may say a body in motion stays in motion, but when the pain stops you, there is little you can do to avoid it. That is where chiropractic care comes into play. Your Coral Gables chiropractor can help relieve the pain at the source and make it easier to move, have fun, and be free.


The spine is the information highway in the body and is where a lot of essential nerves and blood vessels travel. By improving spinal health, we can boost circulation throughout your body and, most importantly, to your brain. You’ll feel more awake and alert.

4.    Fast Service

We know that your life is busy, and it can be hard to find the time to care for your health. That is why we offer a fast, effective service with no-wait times and no need for an appointment. Simply stop by our chiropractic clinic in Coral Gables and enjoy holistic pain relief at the source.

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