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Chiropractor While Pregnant

You might consider pausing your chiropractic sessions while you’re pregnant. But don’t cancel your next appointment quite yet. Many doctors say there are no known complications caused by chiropractic therapy. It’s safe regardless of the term of pregnancy you’re in. Additionally, you can expect many benefits from receiving help from a chiropractor while pregnant. 

If you are considering continuing or beginning a new treatment regime with a chiropractor, speak to us about your concerns. Our certified team of chiropractors can provide reliable advice and answer any questions you have. Contact Snap Crack today to learn more. 

Benefits of Getting Chiropractic Treatment While Pregnant 

The health and welfare of pregnant women can be improved by chiropractors using several cutting-edge techniques. Our team uses proven chiropractic adjustments with other non-invasive procedures that might be helpful for your pregnancy. 

When you get pregnant, you can expect changes in your physique. Your body releases the hormone relaxin, which relaxes ligaments and joints, more frequently. Your joints and ligaments become increasingly unstable and painful if they become too lax.

 In addition, your lower spine’s curvature is more prominent, and your abdominal muscles can become deteriorated, all while you are carrying an extra 25 to 30 pounds. Because of these changes, you can suffer from musculoskeletal pain. Ways that you can benefit from chiropractic treatment include the following: 

Correct Protruding Abdomens

Diastasis recti occurs when the rectus abdominus — the most superficial abdominal muscle — separates across the body’s midline. The connective tissue along the midline stretches and weakens, causing the sides of the abs to separate. The psoas muscle can also contribute to numerous dysfunctional conditions. Chiropractic treatments can aid in reestablishing normal muscle balance and pelvic alignment.

Address Harmful Changes to the Pelvis Region

The weight you put on as your child develops could lead to malformed pelvis bones. Lack of exercise can make the curvature worse. Chiropractic adjustments to the back and pelvis result in notable relief. The treatment may occasionally result in a small “click,” so don’t worry. This can quickly and dramatically relieve pain.

Posture Adaptations

Low back pain in pregnant mothers is mainly brought on by poor posture. However, by applying good posture and chiropractic treatment, mothers can get rid of this pain. With all of the changes a pregnant mother’s body experiences, the spine and pelvis can get out of alignment. 

Pregnant women who receive chiropractic care may experience a more comfortable pregnancy. Continued treatment can ensure that the baby develops optimally while reducing back pain. This can also help reduce the time needed for labor and delivery.

Recover Pelvic Balance

A chiropractic method named the Webster Technique was created especially for expecting moms. Chiropractors restore normal function by reducing pelvic stress during pregnancy, labor, and after delivery.

Reduce Nausea

There are numerous causes of nausea. In most cases, pregnancy-induced nausea can be treated with chiropractic therapy. Chiropractic care can help if you experience persistent nausea. 

Alleviate Postpartum Pain

Because pregnant mothers are prone to misalignments with high levels of relaxin flooding their bodies, they can also suffer from postpartum pain. After delivery, you can seek postpartum chiropractic care to realign the spine and pelvis. 

To achieve the best results, our doctors recommend that postpartum patients visit within the first two to six weeks of the baby’s delivery. Our clinic will offer a treatment schedule that works best for you.

Repositioning The Fetus

Most newborns are already in the head-down position by the 34th week. By this point, the child is ready for delivery. But babies don’t always turn, unfortunately. There are many reasons why this could happen. The umbilical cord could be too short, for one. Additionally, it has likely wrapped around the fetus, making it difficult to correct the position. 

Your chiropractor can guide you to perform exercises to flip a breech baby. They assist in making a schedule for when and how you will perform the necessary exercises.

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Decrease Labor Time

Adjustments from a chiropractor during pregnancy can lessen the likelihood of having prolonged labor. Extended delivery times typically result from the baby’s head pressing against the sacrum rather than the pelvis. Any infant position that is even slightly improper during childbirth will prolong labor. 

This can also make the mother and baby more uncomfortable. Doctors may tell the mom the baby is too big or they are experiencing delayed labor when the reason is that the baby’s presentation interfered with the course of events.

Is It Safe for All Trimesters?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, if you work with a chiropractor who is skilled in prenatal treatments, there is no reason to forgo chiropractic care throughout pregnancy.

If you start having symptoms that appear out of the ordinary or if an adjustment doesn’t feel comfortable, pay attention to your body and inform the chiropractor and your OBG-YN.

Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy During Each Trimester

Although many people frequently see a chiropractor while they’re trying to get pregnant, you can begin chiropractic care as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed and your obstetrician approves of treatment. 

If experience discomfort, see your OB-GYN before making an appointment with your chiropractor. Before the pain becomes intolerable, your chiropractor can manipulate your body into a more advantageous position and enhance your daily activities.

First Trimester

You can see your chiropractor once a month during the first trimester. During your first few months of pregnancy, you may not need to go as frequently to your chiropractor because your body doesn’t change as much until later on. Light adjustments and stretches will help maintain your balance in the beginning.

Second and Third Trimesters

During your second trimester, you can visit every two or three weeks depending on the treatment plan you have. Up until your last month of pregnancy, your chiropractor can help manipulate your bones to help ease any tension or pain in your body. This can also help with making sure your posture is well-adjusted. 

The Final Stretch

You can schedule weekly visits to your chiropractor up until delivery. Any delivery issues can be identified long before they become a complication during labor.

What Conditions Make It Unsafe to Receive Chiropractic Therapy During Pregnancy

Before going to a chiropractor, you should check with your doctor to be sure it’s safe for you and your unborn child. Ensure that the chiropractor you select is licensed by your state and has had special training to treat expectant patients. Our team is licensed and certified, in addition to having years of experience in managing pregnant patients.

The only conditions that would make it unsafe for you to receive chiropractic therapy during pregnancy include the following:

Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding that isn’t associated with menses is a severe disorder that can be life-threatening. This can be due to genital trauma, internal injuries, or — in the late stages of pregnancy — a sign that your water broke. When there is excessive bleeding, the mother may be suffering from a hemorrhage or a severe maternal complication. 

Placenta Previa or Placenta Abruption

Placenta previa incidents are relatively rare. Three varieties of placenta previa exist. This includes when the cervix is surrounded by the placenta, partially covered by the placenta, or only the border is covered by the placenta. 

During the third trimester of pregnancy, when the bottom section of the uterus thins in preparation for childbirth, bleeding typically occurs. When there is a complication, this bleeding is excessive.

Ectopic Pregnancy 

When the mother is pregnant, their fertilized egg normally adheres to the uterine lining. When a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the uterus’s main cavity, an ectopic pregnancy is a result. This often happens near the fallopian tube because it transmits eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. 

An ectopic pregnancy can also happen outside the fallopian tube. Other parts of the body like the ovary, the lower part of the uterus, and the abdominal cavity might occasionally have an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy cannot develop properly. The expanding fetal tissue can result in life-threatening hemorrhage for the mother.

Preeclampsia or Moderate to Severe Toxemia

Pregnant women who experience high blood pressure, excessive protein in their urine, or swelling in their appendages may have preeclampsia. Though it can occur sooner or right after birth, it typically occurs in the later stages of pregnancy. 

Eclampsia can occur after the beginning stages of preeclampsia. This is a dangerous illness that can entail health hazards for the mom and baby. Eclampsia can cause seizures and even death. Preeclampsia can only be cured by giving birth. 

Your chiropractor won’t provide therapy if they notice symptoms of preeclampsia. This includes severe headaches, peeing less, difficulty breathing, severe nausea or vomiting, blurred vision, severe belly pain, drastic weight gain within one to two days, change in reflexes, unstable mental state, dizziness, and seeing floaters. 

What to Expect When You Talk to Your Chiropractor 

Before you decide to speak to a chiropractor, make sure your healthcare provider gives you the green light. You need to do this first because the pain may be due to an underlying issue not associated with your spine or musculoskeletal health. It could be a severe disorder that requires surgery or medication. 

For example, if your gallbladder is causing you pain, you may mistake it for a pregnancy-related disorder. Make sure you work with your OB-GYN to get the optimum care you need while supplementing it with chiropractic therapy. 

Do Your Research On Chiropractors 

Never work with chiropractors who don’t have experience working with expecting mothers. You should work with a seasoned veteran who knows exactly what to look for. This is key because your chiropractor may notice a life-threatening issue and won’t try to apply the wrong methods. Our team is dedicated to you and your baby’s health. We have a strong record of success with mothers of all ages.

Consult with Chiropractors

Our team will develop a specific routine that is tailored to your needs. We consider your medical history, your current medical issues, the pain we are addressing, and your concerns. Our team will ensure you are treated superbly throughout your pregnancy. 

Exercise and Stretch Regularly

While you’re pregnant, you need to incorporate a stretching and exercise routine. This can improve your health and also reduce discomfort. Our licensed chiropractors can direct you through deep stretches that you can commit to throughout your pregnancy. We develop a daily strategy to improve your health and make the process of labor easier. 

Speak to a Great Chiropractic Team to Answer Your Questions

We have all the answers you need and can provide detailed results, case studies, and research. Our team wants to make sure you feel secure working with us and aren’t worried about being harmed during your pregnancy. We also want to help educate you and improve your overall well-being. Especially if you are a new mother, you may have a lot of questions. 

After speaking with your primary care doctor, schedule an appointment with us today. Call Snapcrack now for consultation during any stage of your pregnancy.

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