Here are Seven Reasons to Wear Sunscreen This Summer

Seven Reasons to Wear Sunscreen This Summer

Everyone is aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure. Those who burn easily will often make sunscreen a priority before leaving the house each day, but others tend to forget this critical step. Regardless if you burn or not, direct exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays can seriously harm your skin. With

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Here are five fun summer activities for the family

Five Fun Summer Activities for the Family

Summer is the best season for spending time with the family. The kids are out of school, and it’s the perfect time to get outside and have fun! By planning exciting family activities, you can help the kids stay active and keep them away from the TV. Doing fun things together not only keeps everyone

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Follow some simple guidelines for staying coronavirus-free at work

Back to Work: A Guide to Staying Coronavirus-Free

As the country moves into new re-opening phases, many businesses and companies are starting to bring employees back to work. As an employee, you might not have control over when you return to work, but you can take steps to ensure your safety when you do so. It’s especially essential for those who generally work

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Here are some tips to shed excess weight from quarantine

How to Shed Excess Weight from Quarantine

It’s no secret that being in quarantine has dramatically impacted many people’s habits and lifestyles. Scroll through your social media feed, and you’re likely to see pictures of what everyone is baking or what Netflix series they are binging. With the government suggesting minimal outings to the grocery store, many were stocking up on canned

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The Porsche Building near SnapCrack's Miami Beach chiropractor office

The Porsche Building Near SnapCrack’s Miami Beach Location

Located just north of SnapCrack’s new Miami Beach chiropractor location is the iconic Porsche Design Tower. Often called the “Porsche Piston,” this $560 million build has 132 luxury condos, each with a private two-car garage inside. Residents can bring their car up to their condo via a glass elevator and drive it straight into their

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Parents always want to offer healthy kid's lunch options for their kids

Easy Healthy Kid’s Lunch Ideas

Schools are now open, and though it is up to parents in some cases whether they want to send their kids back or to try and continue home-schooling, one thing remains the same: the importance of a healthy kid’s lunch. Kids need healthy meals throughout the day to help support their explosive growth and brain

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